Festivities in honor of the goddess Cali

The fifth of November in Bengal will be held festivals in honor of the goddess Cali. The festival is held almost immediately after Durga Puja, the Bengali analogue of the religious holiday of the Delubra, and is dedicated to the Dark and Furious Solver Time Goddess, the wife of God Shiva.

As part of the festival, the admirers of the goddess paint the icons, perform a religious rite of Pooge and participate in various traditional ceremonies, including in pilgrimage to local shrines dedicated to Cali, 51 of which is located in Bengal.

The goddess Kali is considered one of the most powerful and mysterious figures of Hindu Pantheon. She is a bloodthirsty and crazy warrior, a living embodiment of female rage. An integral attributes of potassies are considered to be some kind of skirts of torn human hands, necklace from human skulls on the neck, weapons in each of the six hands of the goddess, as well as a cup filled with the blood of her enemies. In addition, as a rule, the goddess depicts her spouse of her wife or a corpse of her who stands on a lying slip of her spouse or a corpse of her ill-wishers.

Festivities in honor of the goddess Cali

This image, as it should be better embodied in itself, the Hindu ideas about the goddess as the ruler and the destroyer of time and ignorance: Cali – the only deity in the Hindu Pantheon, able to resist the inequisite strength of Shiva, the god destruction. Cali admirers, also associate her with the mother of Darkness, which in turn, as every earthly woman, gives the will of his rage, only in order to overcome obstacles and protect the offspring.

In addition, with the name of the goddess link the attachment of human victims, various orgies, worship a demonic cult and other bloody rites. Festivities, although the conductive so modest and relatively imperceptibly, partly have to refute the terrifying reputation of the Divine.

Festivities in honor of the goddess Cali

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