Festivals that are worth to taste

Separate kind of travel – a trip festival. You can go to musical festivals if you are Meloman, you can ride on culinary events, if you are gourmet, and you can combine first with second and get double pleasure.

So, where they will feed tastier and entertain? Go!

First destination – Bunol, Spain.

There, from August 28 to September 3, you can participate in an extreme tomato festival La Tomatina. The essence of the action is that it seems to be like paintball right on the streets, only instead of paint use tomatoes. Everyone who wants to take part in a mass shootout of tomatoes, you need to stockpons and gloves.

Naturally, La Tomatina not only rushes by tomatoes for all five days. In general, the festival is devoted to traditional Valencia cuisine. Ticket price – 15 dollars.

Further we go to Rockland, Maine, USA.

Festivals that are worth to taste

From July 31 to August 4, you can participate in the Festival of Maine Lobster Festival. The date of the event is considered to be 1947, when an advertisement with an interesting promotion appeared in the local newspaper – 1 dollar for the entrance, and each visitor is waiting for a treat from lobsters in such a quantity as it gets in it. Since then, prices have not paid particularly, now the entrance ticket costs from 5 to 30 dollars. Cultural program at the festival is also extensive: contests, concerts, art exhibitions, carnival processions, and. All of them are devoted to the maritime subject.

Over the status events, it is better to go to California, in the US. There from July 11 to July 21 in the city of Napa "Festival" Lifestyle event Napa Valley Festival Del Sole.

Napa is the winery, it means that wine tasting is provided. Also on the festival there is a lot of classical music in the lively performance of famous singers, groups and musicians. During the day, guests are awaiting entertainment and recreation activities related to a healthy lifestyle, and in the evenings – sophisticated dinners in different colorful places: castles, towers, fortresses, vineyards, wine-made cellars ..

Festivals that are worth to taste

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