Festivals of Australia

Throughout the year in Australia, many holidays and festivals are celebrated. Similar festivals are a great opportunity to demonstrate to tourists works of Arts of Australia. They attract and enchant guests.

International Comedy Festival

Festival takes place in Melbourne. In Australia, this is one of the largest and most significant festivals, where more than 150 thousand go away from all over the world. best actors. Lasts the festival from the beginning of March to the end of April.

Racing on supercars Bathurst 1000 V8

This famous festival is organized in October-November autosport lovers who come from around the world a week before the start of races to take place and break the camp in the mountains.

Bayron Bay BluesFest

This holiday is beginning to celebrate 5-6 days after Easter throughout Australia. The festival offers many entertainment for visitors, here you can see famous artists and musicians.

Festival of waterfalls

Starts with the celebration of the New Year. Ends with a festival with musical ideas dancing.

Cup Melbourne

The most popular four-day festival of horse racing in Australia, on which the best jockeys come from around the world. The prize fund is 6 million dollars.

Splendor – Australia Music Festival

Splendor is the most popular musical festival in Australia, where many tourists go. To please music lovers, musicians of different genres come to the three-day festival.

International Jazz Festival

The famous Melbourne festival collects jazz music lovers. Gala concerts of musicians from all over the world are held at this festival of modern music.

Perth International Art Festival

This festival begins on February 13 and lasts three weeks, during which the achievements in the field of various types of art are demonstrated:
• cinema;
• music;
• Literature.

Festivals of Australia

"Lost heaven"

Three-day music festival, organized at the highest level in an amazing place, in the Glenworth Valley, on New Year’s Eve. This is one of the best musical festivals in Australia.

"Strawberry fields"

Annual Festival of Creative Excryption, Music and Art. It is held in November, for three days. Not far from Melbourne, perform electors of electronic music, who came from various parts of the world.

Electronic music festival

The holiday takes place in the magnificent surroundings Riverwood Downs Mountain Valley Resort, which is three hours from Sydney.

Music festival "Field Day"

For this day party in Sydney on the eve of the New Year, book tickets must be in advance. Festive extravagancies are held in the domain, Sydney.

This is only a small part of popular festivals that are organized in Australia.

Festivals of Australia

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