Festivals in Vyborg

Vyborg has such a strong aura of historicism and romanticism, which annually collects hundreds of people who are interested in historical reconstruction, knight and medieval culture, folk music and tons on their numerous festivals.D. And every year these festivals are becoming more and more. I will tell only about the largest and long history.

For example, Folk Music Festival "May Tree". The festival takes place in Vyborg annually already, perhaps, 15 years in a row, usually at the end of May. The main event of the festival is an open-air performance of famous teams that perform folk music. The festival comes with groups from Scotland, Ireland, the Balkan Peninsula. Also within the framework of the festival in the courtyard of the Vyborg Castle, a costume fair, archery contests, fire shows and other entertainment are held.

At the end of June, on the day of summer solstice, the old Celtic celebration of the middle of the summer "midsummer" is held, which is celebrated by fans of Celtic culture, and indeed fairy tales and fantasy around the world, and, of course, in Russia. In Vyborg, the festival is traditionally held at the Museum Museum "Montrepo".

The main event of the festival, which lasts all night, is the grandiose concert of folk-performers in the open. Here you can hear the flutes and harvesters, and boils, and bottomhole guitar reefs. Dancing and songs all night long, fires fires and colorful costumes – an integral attributes of this festival.

Festivals in Vyborg

At the end of July, in Vyborg, another major annual festive event is held – the festival of historical reconstruction "Vyborg Thunder". The festival lasts three days and his program is usually very extensive. The musical concerts and the fairs of medieval crafts, and the knights contests, and the reconstruction of the battles, and the staged castle storms, and the tournament of the archers and many more interesting things.

All this is accompanied by the songs of minstrels, troubadurov, funny outcomes of jesters and languid sighs of beautiful ladies. If anyone knows, then the movement of historical reconstruction in Russia is quite powerful, the festival hardly holds everyone, and it is not enough to gather it only once a year, so more similar events appear every year. For example, more recently began to be held the Festival "Knight’s Castle", which in its concept is very similar to "Vyborg Thunder".

Festivals in Vyborg

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