Festivals in Munich

The appearance of Munich can hardly be represented without the most famous beer hall on the planet – located in the city center Hofbroyhaus (Hofbrauhaus am Platzl, "Court Brewery") on Platzl Square.

Here, as well as on a nearby Terezin meadow, one of the most famous festivals of Germany is held for more than a century – Oktoberfest, First opened on October 12, 1810 in honor of the marriage day Zesarevich Ludwig and Princess Teresa Saxen-Guildburgausen. Also in the city there are six large brewers, which are supplied with beer and this September holiday itself, collecting more than a million participants every year, and the rest of the world.

  • Oktoberfest
  • Oktoberfest
  • Oktoberfest

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Gingerbread country

The gingerbread country was discovered by me in Munich on Viktualienmarkt in Schrannenhalle. What wonderful gingerbread houses and even palaces! And after that all these masterpieces are?! Read more →

Irina88RA | December 2014

Suddenly, for me, the occurrence of Oktoberfest

The place where Oktoberfest is held is called Teresin meadow, it is in a kilometer from Munich’s main station. It is impossible to get lost – the mighty human river flows there from the station there. Read more →

Festivals in Munich

vvtrofimov | October 2014

True on Oktoberfest

To have fun at Oktoberfest, it is better to gather a large company, reserve a place in a tent in advance and spend the day under the roof. For the reserve you need to make a deposit. Read more →

Kucheryavchik | October 2014

Munich during Oktoberfest

Shop windows filled with beautiful outfits. The most delicious souvenir – honey gingerbread with icing. Inscriptions for every taste. Gingerbreads to taste all the same. Read more →

Irina88RA | October 2014


Then we went to watch the parade. Parade even more rejected the atmosphere of the holiday. After we decided to walk around the meadow. But immediately understood – to walk, it means – to squeeze, try not to get lost. Read more →

Julianam | September 2012

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Festivals in Munich

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