Festivals in Europe that can not be missed!

2. Love Parade in Berlin (Germany)

July 14 in Germany celebrate one of the most unique and shocking holidays on the planet – Love Parade or a love parade. The largest technoprad of modern music in the style of "techno" dedicated to national minorities is mixed with the rivers of alcohol and fun. In 2011, the parade is canceled due to the massive investment at the entrance in 2010, when 21 people died, 511 were injured.

In memory of the victims of the massive pressure, three famous musicians and DJ – Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk and Paul Oakenfold – united in the DJ’S United project and released the REMEMBER LOVE composition, the incomes from which went to compensate for the families of the victims and wounded.

3. Carnival in Venice (Italy)

The whole city went crazy, it was a real sweat for a religious city. Princess could communicate with the poor and reveal all your secret desires seemed. that the whole city is crazy, merging into a single ecstasy. Under masks, citizens hid their social status. Today it is one of the most famous carnavals, which hosts concerts, fireworks, street theaters, Balla Masquerades are held. The streets of Venice overlook the townspeople in the costumes of world-famous characters of the Italian comedy del Arte – Harlequino, Piero, Pantalon. Culmination is a carnival procession.

Festivals in Europe that can not be missed!

4. Oktoberfest in Munich (Germany)
The world’s largest folk walk lasts 2 weeks in Bavaria. In 2010, the holiday celebrated the two hundred. Only local brewery, which boil special beer these days. Tourists beyond beer there is another entertainment that has become a sports – try to make beer mugs from tents as a souvenir. In the biggest tent there are 8500 seats!

5. Queen Day in the Netherlands
April 30 of each year Amsterdam is immersed in a real holiday, similar to May Day in the USSR, but with more rainbow and bright colors. On this day, the VAT tax is canceled on all goods, and buying will cost you in the bazaars with a 30% discount. Streets, lights, residents – plunge into orange. On the streets Fireworks. Music festivals, rides. Kiosks are beginning to trade a low-headed herring – this is a favorite national dish of the Dutch. The brightest event on beauty is "Parade of flowers". The parade symbol are tulips.

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