Festivals and holidays on Western Samoa

The festive calendar of the country begins with the celebration of the New Year and the next birth of Tanumafil II Mallieto (January 3-4), accompanied by numerous cultural events and an annual golf tournament conducted at the Royal Samoa Club. After a small break, a whole series of sports events opened by Magry-Tas Bir-Garden or Cultural and Fisher’s Argungument Festival (Mid-End) on the fellow of the Socoto River begins. This is an international festival dedicated to the exchange of experience in various ways and methods of fishing, which involves all its participants in fishing, hunting for ducks, swimming and other water contests. Immediately followed by international rugby competitions Marist Samoa International Rugby Sevens (End of February, Poplet) and Golf Competition Final.

In mid-May, an annual international fishing tournament opens at the fisherman, which collects fishermen from all over the week. June begins with a grandiose on local standards of independence Day celebration (June 1), with a big sweep of conducted on all islands. An even more colorful celebration takes place at the end of July or in mid-August, during the period of the South Pacific Games (Polynesian Games), when the traditional rowing competition on long canoeing is held. The place in the messengers often occupy all men of a kind or another that turns competitions in the arena of serious passions and competition between various clans and gives special acute to fight against the distance. As part of the games, the Polynesian divers festival is also held, which provides opportunities for both professionals and lovers to try their hand in various underwater studies in the waters around Samoa islands, and at the best plots.

Festivals and holidays on Western Samoa

The largest cultural holiday of independent Samoa is the weekly Teulila Festival, held in early September, when competitions of choirs and dance groups, traditional "Dancing fire", "Siva" (or "Shiva" – Traditional suggestion dance), competitions "Kiriki" (croquette – along with rugby is considered national sports of self-suicide) and racing long boats "Fautasi" Pass practically on all archipelago islands. And on the festive Friday, in the morning, it is definitely held "Floral parade", collecting hundreds of islanders who want to compete for the title "Miss Tehila".

One of the most exciting natural phenomena on the islands – RICING-OF-ZE-PALOLOLO. Palolo is green sea worms, which in incredible quantities appear in the waters around coral reefs Savai immediately after midnight in the seventh day of the full moon (their first appearance is in October, the second – in November). And since for the local residents of Palolo serve and delicacy, and the symbol of the ever-updating nature, then everything is going to celebrate Palolo, from Mala to Velik.

Festivals and holidays on Western Samoa

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