Festivals and holidays on Virgin O-Wah (USA)

American Virgin Islands are famous for their numerous festivals and carnivals. The day of the centrika in all islands is celebrated with great enthusiasm and as a religious holiday, both as a blues festival, and no matter what costumes and processions are always colorful, blues – widespread, and concerts will certainly be held on colorful local pile buildings "calypso" and "SCA".

Carnival at St. Thomas – Crazy Week filled with masquerades, dancing and "Mokko Jambis" – costume processing with elements of traditional anomistic beliefs. Unlike other carnaval of the Caribbean, which precede Christmas, Carnival at St. Thomas is held after Easter, usually at the end of April. Saint John extended the celebration of the Independence Day of the United States (July 4) for a whole week, turning it into the feast of fireworks, absolutely not embarrassed by the fact that his own carnival of the island ends in the last week of June.

Festivals and holidays on Virgin O-Wah (USA)

On Santa Cruz, the two-week Christmas festival lasts from the very beginning of the Christmas week and throughout the first decade of January, offering a large number of small local festivals, rituals and processions.

Saint Thomas Yacht Club every April spends a colorful international regatta, and also takes members of the Cup of America. And a completely extravagant spectacle, which can be seen only here, are the races of hermit crabs in ChristianState on the island of Santa Cruz (in the morning on Mondays).

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