Festivals and holidays on Virgin O-Wah (Britain)

The summer festival of the Virgin Islands (August 7-9) is a real festival of noise and colors, a two-week rue of various events held throughout the country. The widespread representations of Calypso and Funky, processions and concerts of numerous orchestras, sports competitions and performances of various celebrities are completed by the festival of theatrical ideas, when the streets are flooded by crowds of festively dressed people. This festival is the own island variety of general American carnival and is celebrated in commemoration of liberation. Most of the festival events take place in the rod-tauna on Tortole. Easter and Christmas festivals are very colorfully held, during which Maine Street in the genus is also filled with lights and numerous festive processions.

On each island at any time of the year you can face some festive action – there are numerous days of saints, various historical events and many clearly commercial events. Foxi-Music festival deserve attention (beginning of March, Tortol), Fisherman’s Day within the framework of the festival of Vergigin Gorda (March 26-28, SPNICH-Town), traditional festival "Lovers of the Caribbean" (mid-February, Verpjin Gorda), Annual Music Festival (May 27-30, Tortol), Fisherman’s Day (July 4, Tortol), Yost-Wan Dyk Island Festival (early September), annual "Week regatta" (October 19, Jost-Wan Dyk), traditional Halloween-Kat-Fight (end of October, Yost-Van Dyk), diving week "River-weeke" (End of October, Nanni Kay, Tortol), numerous yacht and surf competitions in November (almost all islands), Music Festival of Vergigin-Gorda (end of November) and related annual fishermen competitions for the Cup Cup (November 25-27 , Vergigin-Gorda).

Festivals and holidays on Virgin O-Wah (Britain)

The annual yacht regatta of spring is held in the Rod-Town in April, and windsurfers are going to the Islands for Hiho races at the end of June or early July. Competitions last seven days and end the grandiose "Pati" right in the waters of the bay. By the way, there are quite a few such festive parties on the islands – there is practically no one month a year, when these events were not held, known among the locals as "Bombas" (most often organized on the Tortolet during the full moon period).

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