Festivals and holidays on Trinidad and Tobago

Tightly populated and prosperous island Trinidad is widely known far beyond the region with its festive events. The main event here is definitely the most noisy, most "wild" And the most popular carnival within the Caribbean. From the new year, the islanders begin to prepare for this noisy event, which is usually opening in the capital Queen-Savanna-Park on the first Monday before the afternoon (February-March). Numerous festive processions that collect tens of thousands of participants from around the world, musical and dance performances, competition for the Title of the Year or Queen Calypso, a variety of festive exhibitions, fairs, shows and colorful open-air feces are the very essence of this two-day holiday.

Numerous festive events in the framework of the Islamic Holiday Holiday (Local version of the holiday in memory of the Grandson of the Husseyn’s Grandson) in May-June (from the first to the thirteenth day of the month of Muharram), Hindu festival Pugwa, or Fagwa, (Local Analogue of Spring Holi Holi, March ), as well as the Festival of Diwali or Dipali (End of October – November) in honor of the Hindu Gogress of Light.

Festivals and holidays on Trinidad and Tobago

From the secular holidays, the May Festival of street orchestras and the same October Ramadjay (during this period there are a huge number of diverse musical ideas, as well as various musical contests in several categories), the December festival Parang (a special form of Christmas chants in Spanish), November three-day Pan – Festival and other cultural events.

The main holiday of the northern part of the country – the two-week festival of the heritage of Tobago (the end of July – the beginning of August), comparable to Trinidad’s trinidad carnival for pomp and the importance in the life of the islanders. In the first Monday and Tuesday after Easter, there is a large boat race in Baku, to the Easter weekend – the Tobago fishing tournament, in mid-July – the holiday of Fishermen Charlottellil Fisherman Fets in the Gulf of Manovaar Bay, and in September a festive week opens "younger sister of Trinidad Carnival" – Tobago Fest.

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