Festivals and holidays on Tonga

Tongan year opens the festive week of Wike Lot (January 1-7). At this time, festive church services are held, special ceremonies "Fakafe", During which the highest ranks of the church and states visit the houses of Tongans for joint prayers, numerous festive banquets "Caipola" and "ceremonies", necessarily accompanied by music and dancing. Like all Christians, tongans are very serious about Easter holidays and spend the Easter festival in this period, well-known concerts of choral groups, theatrical ideas, concerts and other cultural events.

Pacific Festival "Blue Vavau" It takes place on February 2-9 on the island of the same name, accompanied by the widest set of various events, including dive competitions "In search of treasure", triathlon and cultural fair. In March, traditional triathlon competitions and the traditional musical festival of the island are held on Nukulyf.

In early June, a three-day Haapay festival is celebrated on the Islands of the group of the group of the group, which coincides with the festivities of Independence Day. At the end of June – early July, the annual National Festival of Park Euu is held, accompanied by the ideas of choral groups, an extensive cultural program and a popular competition for the title "Miss Eua". At the end of July, competitions on the Kalia Yacht Club Prize, often turning to the audience to spontaneous observations of migratory whales, as well as the traditional Hisilar Golf Tournament.

Festivals and holidays on Tonga

On July 4, Tongans celebrate the birthday of King Stupid IV, accompanied by the Hisilal festival, which lasts a whole week and necessarily includes numerous parades and processions, music festivals, theatrical beauty contest and various sports competitions (first of all such popular canoe races). This holiday usually coincides with the flowering period "Heilala" – National Tonga Flower. Ends the festival of the torus of Tupakapakanava, during which thousands of tongans with flaming torches are built along the northern coast of Tugatapu. On Vavau on the birthday of the ruling monarch of George Taufahau Stupid V (beginning of May), the festival of Vavau begins and at about the same time opens the doors a weekly festival of the Red Cross.

On all major islands from August to October, a whole series of agricultural fairs is organized. At the end of September, the famous Tongan International Rybatsky Tournament (Island of Wawa) and International Competitions "Miss Gellexi Pagent" In Nukuvofa (a kind of beauty contest among "Fakaleiti" – local analogue transvestites).

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