Festivals and holidays on the Marshall Islands (USA)

Majuro, most of the festive events are concentrated around the traditional annual fishing tournaments, the largest of which are held in the weekend, the closest to July 4, as well as in the weekend before the last Thursday of November. These days, thousands of islanders and guests from other states of the region are collected in the competition area of ​​the competition, many sports and cultural events are held, and the colorful day of the fisherman is celebrated before July competition. Marshalls Billfish Club (bodies.: 625-74-91) Also organizes monthly fishing tournaments, the largest of which is the event passing to the first weekend of July.

February 15 On the main atoll is a holiday week in honor of Majuro’s Day (Malgov). On February 18-19, a historic holiday is celebrated in honor of the first journey of the legendary Polynesian sailors of the past. He is dedicated to the transition of Hawaiians Allengano Maisu and Hokulera, who made swimming in the western part of the Pacific Ocean on Canoe, which are an exact copy of those courts that marked the beginning of the colonization of the region. On the last Saturday of March or the first Saturday of April, the traditional international regatta Coconut Cup.

Festivals and holidays on the Marshall Islands (USA)

On May 1, the whole country is colorfully celebrating the day of the Constitution (a solemn parade is held in Majuro), and immediately behind him, in the first weekend of May, the traditional race of the Balancing Canoe on the Marshall Islands Cup. The first weekend of September opens the doors of the Micronesian fishing tournament, which participants from the entire region are collected. The last Friday of September begins a whole series of holidays held within the framework of the tradition of traditions, on which all sorts of aspects of the cultural and historical heritage of peoples of Oceania are demonstrated.

Christmas parade of the Island Chamber of Commerce is held in the first or second Saturday of December and is accompanied by a new topic and the composition of events. And at the end of the month, a long series of Christmas holidays begins, crowned by charitable ball on the eve of the New Year (December 31).

Festivals and holidays on the Marshall Islands (USA)

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