Festivals and holidays on the Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands spend a sufficiently large number of different festive events, but most of them are local and are organized quite irregularly. The most famous and colorful holiday of the islands is the so-called sheep parade, conducted after the next seasonal haircut of these animals, which are essentially the basis of the economy of Falkland. In addition to the usual procedures for collecting herds, haircuts and packs of wool, these days are accompanied by many traditional sports competitions and small local holidays.

Festivals and holidays on the Falkland Islands

The main point in the public life of the islands – annual summer sports competitions that unite usually divided on their isolated islanders farms. Visitors to the islands with great pleasure are taken to participate in these festivities, which traditionally include jumps, a variety of rodeo and shepherd competitions. The events are usually held in Stanley in the period between Merry Christmas and the New Year, and in Western Falkland – at the end of February (there is no permanent venue for festivals – the right to take contests is disputed by all settlements in turn). In addition, many different festivals are usually accompanied by the queen’s birthday (April 21), release day (June 14), Day of the Falkland Islands (August 14), Day of Memory (Battle Day for Falkland Islands, December 8) and New Year. Colorfully celebrate the opening of the marine trout season (from September to April, Putin begins at the end of February).

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