Festivals and holidays on Sri Lanka

The abundance of festivals and religious holidays in the country is simply not amenable to description, but most of them are "internal events" of a religious group or rural community, so the specific dates of their holding remain unknown for tourists. In addition, tourists are not allowed on all of them. Therefore, the dates of specific events are better to specify on the spot.

The most famous and popular tourists and locals are Kandi-Eal-Perahera (July-August) – a ten-day ceremony with thousands of events dedicated to the sacred tooth of the Buddha from the Kandy temple. The second value of the holiday of the country – Durutho-Perahera (January, Colombo), dedicated to the Buddha arrival in Sri Lanka. On the same days, the traditional annual parade of Navam to the walls of the Chief Buddhist Church of the capital – Gangaram. Noisy and fun celebrated New Year (March-April), accompanied by races on elephants and a variety of sporting events. Traditional Besak (May), the first day of the Hindu New Year and one of the main holidays of Sikhism, as well as Buddha-Jayanti (April-May, the main holiday of Buddhists) are widely celebrated in the north of the country.

Hindu festival led (July-August) takes place in Colombo and celebrates the ceremony for the location of the sacred chariot of the god of war Scanda. The Cataragama festival (July-August) passes in the catagara and is accompanied by religious performances and enough shocking ritual ceremonies. Numerous pilgrimages are committed at the peak of Adam, on which, according to legends, Adam and Eve lived after expulsion from Paradise.

Muslims of the island celebrate the feast of sacrifice Eid Ul-Azha (Eid Ul-Adha, April-May), the birthday of the prophet Mohammed – Eid E-Milad (Maulid Al-Nabi, May-June), Day of Mourning Muharram (Tajiya, May-June) , ID n-mold (Bars-Wafete, the Day of Memory of the Prophet Mohammed, October) and, of course, the sacred Ramadan. In 2008, Ramadan falls for the period from September 1 to September 29, in 2009 – from August 21 to September 20. It should be borne in mind that all the dates of religious events in the Islamic calendar begin with the sunset and last until the next sunset.

Festivals and holidays on Sri Lanka

Independence Day of the Republic of Sri Lanka (February 4) is marked by numerous parades, dance and theatrical representations.

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Festivals and holidays on Sri Lanka

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