Festivals and holidays on Saint Lucia

There is a huge number of all sorts of festive events and celebrations on both historical dates and various religious events.

In January, traditional Creole Festivals ACS SCLE are held (Giant New Year’s Fair on Pigemen Island) and Masquerade Papa Jab, Music Festival Calypso and National Culinary Art Festival. In February, a whole series of festive events around Independence Day, as well as the traditional carnival (February-March) and the festival of paper serpents.

In March, there are various events related to the Great Post and Prepass. In April, the Day of Fools (April 1), Easter holidays and a huge number of ceremonies dedicated to the end of the Great Post, Earth’s Day festival with his rituals dedicated to Mothers-Earth, as well as the Comedy Festival, are going to Master from the entire Caribbean. In May, a single series go Day Labor Day, Mother’s Day and Day of the Liberation of Africa, and for them – Weekend Whitesantte (these days are traditionally held numerous picnics and sports competitions in the open air) and the greatest music event of the year is the four-day Jazz Festival of St. Lucia ( mid-May).

In June, the traditional day of the Father, the Fisherman’s festival with its colorful parades of boats and various competitions, collecting the best Planet players, the Saint Lucia Championship in Squash and Numerous Festivals Calypso preceding the July Bolshoi Carnival. Also in July, numerous events are deserved in the framework of the children’s summer safari (a whole range of events and holidays held in the days of school holidays), another fishing tournament and a theatrical contest Miss SLHTA (SLHTA – Saint Lucia Hotels & Tourism Association). In August, the colorful holidays of the day of the release of slaves with an explicit ethical orientation, the festival of sellers deserve attention "Vivandise" with its accompanying culinary presentation and elections "Queen market", Colorful Flower Festival and Historic Festival "La V" with various theatrical ideas.

Festivals and holidays on Saint Lucia

Almost all September is dedicated to various events related to the opening of the football season. October begins with quiet, but very beautiful thanksgiving ceremonies, the celebration of the International Creole Day of Jaun-Kweiol-Entrenasional with numerous musical and culinary events opens. In November, holidays are interesting: the day of all saints (Fet-Le-Mo), the day of memory (on this day islanders attend the graves of the deceased and honor the memory of those who died on the fronts of the numerous wars of the 20th century), St. Cecilia’s Day, the main yacht season regatta – Arc ("Atlantic cruising rally", Race track passes from Grand Canaria on the Canary Islands to Rodney Bay Marina at Saint Lucia) and the International Fair Fair. December in Saint Lucia – the longest festive marathon per year. Most of the events of this period "rotates" around the national day and christmas season. State festival, as sometimes called the national day, is accompanied by a huge number of events, primarily sports, cultural, religious, social and commercial ideas, like a festival of fires, the National Festival of Chorus, the festival of the orchestras and the noisy market festival. Also interesting Traditional Masquerade and Outdoor Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis.

Recently, national folklore festivals are becoming increasingly popular.

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