Festivals and holidays on Norfolk Island (Australia)

Despite the modest sizes of Norfolk, there are many different cultural and sports events on its territory.

In May, children’s holiday are held (May 13), Country Music Festival (end of the month) and a number of sports and championship stages.

The biggest holiday Norfolk – day "Bounty" (celebrates the day of resettlement of the descendants of the crew of rebellious "Bounty" From the island of Pitcairn to Norfolk), colorfully held on June 8. Also during this period, the Day of Arts, Park Poetry Day, Tennis Holiday, Ballroom Dance Week and Bowling Carnival. In July, opens his doors Open Archet Championship (July 1-7), Literary Festival (July 8-15) and Squash Tournament. In August, spend an annual exhibition "Clarence Valley Expo" (August 11-13), Day Narcissa, stage of the Oceania Championship for bowling, Pro-AM Golf Tournament (August 28-31) and Tennis Tournament Classic Open Tennis Tournament (August 30 – September 2).

In the fall, a whole series of various events passes – Festival Skrabbla (game of words, September 16-23), Festival of cultures and nationalities (September 23-24), Norfolk Island Theater Festival (October 1-7), Gardening Festival and Agriculture (October 9) , International Championship for Standal Shooting (October 22-27), Memorial Day (November 1), Sports Carnival (November 12-18), High Fashion Day (November 25), Thanksgiving Day (Last Wednesday, Weekend), and Many sporting events.

Festivals and holidays on Norfolk Island (Australia)

The year ends with a series of December holidays – during this period there are an art exhibition of Norfolk Island (November 29 – December 3), Festival "Jazz among sosses" (4-8 December), cultural festival "South Pacific Bridge" (December 6-13), as well as an open golf tournament for prizes Schweppes and Christmas holidays.

Also interesting in different times the Rock and Roll festival, Music Festival "Opera on the ruins", Line Dance Dance Festival (dance direction containing a variety of rhythms and movements), as well as numerous bowling tournaments on grass, tennis, rowing and other sports.

Festivals and holidays on Norfolk Island (Australia)

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