Festivals and holidays on Mauritius

A variety of festive ceremonies in the country has many. Each village has its own local celebrations, and depending on the religion of its inhabitants, there is also a huge number of religious ceremonies (for some of them are not allowed).

Spring holiday (Chinese New Year) – noisy and colorful day in Chinese communities. Costumented processions with dragons are held on the streets, hundreds of fireworks are required, and in houses and communal restaurants are exhibited.

In January – February passes the Tamil holiday of Kazadi (the holiday of cleansing from unrighteous cases and actions). These days are numerous ceremonies of ritual ablution, rites of walking on burning coals, religious processions and theatrical representations. Usually it is non-working day. One of the main holidays on the island – Mach Shivaratri ("Night Shiva") when thousands of Hindus of the island make pilgrimage to the Grand-Bolsham, whose water is considered to be the local embodiment of the Holy Ganges River. Colorful and noisy sight.

Hindu Holi Holiday – the most beautiful and first view of the cores of the country. These days on large bonfires, straw scarecrow holiks burn, watered each other with colored water and showered with powder, exchange good wishes and gather behind the family table. Two weeks after Holi, the feast of Ugadi occurs – Hindu New Year.

Mauritius Independence Day is celebrated by official ceremonies, noisy processions, as well as numerous concerts and carnivals.

On the day of the celebration of the memory of Jacques, Jacques of Laval (officially ranked the Catholic Church to the Family of Saints), people of many denominations come to the grave of the father of Laval in Port Louis. Festive worship and services are held in churches and temples.

Festivals and holidays on Mauritius

On the days of the celebration of the Hindu Holiday of Update and Light Diwali in houses ignite thousands of lamps. This is one of the most popular folk holidays (not only among the Hindus) and the last day of the year for the Hindu calendar. Also colorfully and widely marked Catholic Christmas and holidays of Muslim communities.

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