Festivals and holidays on Martinique

By the number of festive events, a small Martinique may well compare with Brazil or Cuba – the number of holidays here is just huge. In January, the days of saints of patrons in Marin, Diamond and Troua-le, Forest-Tiburrs de Saint-Anne holiday (January 8), Barban Concerts Grand-Wel-Bel – Saint Marie (January 22). In February, the Day of St. Saint Luce, the Queen’s Carnival and Mother of the Queen in every city and accompanying Parades of the Queen, Concerts and other festive events (February 5-9), Carnival of children in Fore-de-France (February 1 ), Navigation week and international yachting and windsurfing competitions (February 4-9), Dimansh-Graols festival (February 6), Colorful Carnival Mardi Grass (February 8, the main events unfold around Fort de France and La Savan) , Day of repentance (February 9), numerous jazz concerts (end of February) and surfing competitions in Tartan.

Spring Interesting Easter Festival Fishing Crab Lha Pin-d’Or in Grand Rivier, End of Foreign Foreign Forest, Traditional Exhibition and Fair Expo-de-Dilon in Fort De France (Middle Martar), Tourist Fair Salon Du- Voyage (March 11-13), Agricultural Fair in Rivière Pilot (March 12-13), Adults (March 13) and Baby (March 14) Trading on fishing rowing in Fors de France, Festival Convergence in Ahupa-Broth (March 19-20), Easter Festival of Crab La-Patee-d’Or in Lamaten (March 28), a ten-day fair "Voices of traditions" In For-de-France (April), the regatta of catamarans for the Arian Cup in Le Marin (April), rowing competitions in Saint Ann (April 4), International Caribbean Sea Salon "Balana" and a fair in Rober (April 8-15), rowing competitions in Le Francois (April 11), international dance biennale (late April – beginning of May), athletics competitions on the prize of the International Amateur Sports Federation (April 30), international Culinary competitions in Saint-Marie (late April – Beginning of May), Day of Saints Saint-Espiri and St. Jose’s patrons (May), traditional fishing festival and windsurfing competitions in Saint Luce, Diamond and Troi-le. May 8 in Saint-Pierre celebrate the anniversary of the catastrophic eruption of the Montagan-Pele 1902. In early May, ascension, Victory Day (May 8), the Day of the Holy Trinity (mid-May) and the day of the abolition of slavery (May 22).

In the summer, the days of the saints of the patrons of the Bass-Poant, Vostlin and Rivière Sali (beginning of June), the festival of the harvest of sugar cane in Saint-Marie (June 14), the days of the saints of the patrons of the towns of Gros-Morne, Ans-Darle, Carbe, Sholhcher, Makuba, Saint-Pierre and Saint Ann (July), traditional culinary competition Trempazh show in Trinity (July 4), cycling tour de la-Martinique (mid-July), Festival of cultural events in Fort-de-France, numerous festive Events on Bastille Day, Music and Theater Festival "Cultural nights Rivières-pilot" (mid-July – mid August), Yol-Ronda’s boat race around the whole island (July 31 – August 7), the Du Marin festival with numerous concerts of folk and religious music, art exhibitions and other cultural events (August) and the holiday of the Assumption of the Virgin ( August 15).

Festivals and holidays on Martinique

Underwater holiday in the rider is celebrated annually in the third Sunday of September. September 23-25, in St. Marie celebrates the festival of traditions and cultural heritage, accompanied by the colorful ideas of traditional Creole clothes, musical and dance ideas, as well as exhibitions of folk applied arts. In October, celebrate the days of the saints of the patrons of Le Francois and Backda Saint-Denis. In November, the days of the saints of the patrons of Mornsye and Grand Rivière, the international fishing tournament de Pesh-du Marin, the day of all saints (Tussan, November 1), the day of remember, the semi-marathon around the form-de-France (November 20) and St. Sisilla’s Day (November 22).

In December, festive events are held, dedicated to the days of the saints of the Patronery of the Rivière Pilot, Saint Luce and Ahup-Broth, as well as the International Jazz Festival (held in odd years), the regatta of the Bigga and the Diverse Christmas Holidays.

Festivals and holidays on Martinique

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