Festivals and holidays on Guam

May 25-27 In the village of Agat on Nimitz Beach, the annual MANGO festival is held (WWW.MangofestivalGu.COM), within which canoe races are held, various folk festivities and night pati. June 7th is a ritual landing for memorial trees, accompanied by various ceremonies on the historical topic.

The most significant holiday Guama is the day of liberation (July 21), when it seems that the whole population of the island goes to the streets to participate in a colorful parade, accompanied by evening fireworks. Also in July (usually in the last Sabbath and Sunday of the month), a colorful carnival is held in YPAO Beach Park, accompanied by competitions of Music teams Guam-Oyvyia Band.

Festivals and holidays on Guam

The whole rim of festive events takes place in October – the fair of Micronesian Art and Crafts (October 12-14) in YPAO, Coco Road relay (October 4, also in YPAO), as well as the extensive holiday of Painonirz-State-Guam-Tourism (October 27, The capital), which includes culinary competitions, the exhibition of the Funds of the Guam Museum and Competitions on Traditional Dance Chamorro.

From April to October, numerous settlements of South Guam are held by "sovereign" Annual fiesta that are devoted to the holy patrons of the village and pass on the practically not changed over the century scenarios – "sea" Beer and snacks welcomes guests at the threshold of any home, and in the evening noisy and colorful "General reception" with songs and dancing. One of the best local holidays is a three-day Fiesta Malglodzh (May 16) in the historic city of Inarajan.

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