Festivals and holidays on Fiji

Fijians are quite widely known for their propensity to all sorts of festive events. Christian New Year here usually celebrate with such a wretched thing that in some places are stretched for a week and even a month! In January, usually spend and "Oceania Cup" Surfing in Tavarua.

Small Chinese Fiji community celebrates Chinese New Year or Spring holiday – Chunjie (February), with compulsory traditional "Dancing Lviv" and street marchs. In February-March, the Hindus celebrate one of the most colorful holidays – Holi ("Flower festival", The feast of the onset of spring), and in March-April – Ram-Naumi (Rama’s birthday), especially widespread in villages lying along the Bay of Suva.

In early April, the International Jazz Festival Coral Coral Coral in Nadi is held, and on the eve of Easter (usually mid-April) – Easter yacht regatta. In May, the whole country celebrates the day of Ratu Sukun, who is considered the most famous statesman Fiji, a soldier, head and scientist. Therefore, the holiday is accompanied by all sorts of cultural events and sports competitions. Also at this time are the surfing competitions Kvik-Silver-pro in Tavarua.

In June, a yacht race for the President of the President (Denarau) and an Anz art exhibition in the capital. In Suva, in July-August, the weekly Hibiscus festival, accompanied by concerts, sports competitions, carnival, modes and fireworks, as well as the theatrical election presentation "Miss Hibiscus". Such a festival takes place in Nadi at the end of July, in parallel with regatta Savusava.

Festivals and holidays on Fiji

August is marked by a rugby tournament and a song festival of methodological choirs (both in Suva). The Sugar Festival is held in Lautoka in September, and followed by the weekly Fiji regatta in Maskeet-Cove. In September, the coast of Cigatok passes a yacht Race Coral-Coral Bibilica.

In October-November, they celebrate the devales across the country ("Festival of fires") in honor of Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth and prosperity. The Muslim community Fiji will cope with the end of Ramadan and Eid Al-Adha (feast of sacrifice). And in December, a whole series of christmas holidays opens the carnival of suva.

Festivals and holidays on Fiji

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