Festivals and holidays on Bonaire, Sabe and Sint Eustiatory

Like other countries of the Caribbean, the former Netherlands Antilles are famous for many religious and secular festive events, each of which carries the imprint of the mixing cultures, which is characteristic of the local community.

The most colorful holiday of Bonaire is the carnival, conducted from the end of February to the beginning of March. Musical and dance groups from all over the island are spending dozens of ideas these days, and in rural communes, in addition to the same picturesque cultural programs, numerous harvest celebrations are held. Public Holiday Birthday of the Queen and the coincidence with him by time the day of Rincon often turn into a real dance faee, collecting participants from many Caribbean Islands. Bonayre’s dive festival last week opens in June, and the same extended international regatta starts from the wall of the Kalanek’s yacht club in the second week of October, and is also accompanied by a small carnival.

From January 1 to January 6, masquerade is held, and from the end of February to the end of April – the spring festival of harvest. In the summer months, festivals are celebrated in honor of the saints of the patrons of the islands – San Juan and San Pedro, and the colorful Bari festival is held in December.

Festivals and holidays on Bonaire, Sabe and Sint Eustiatory

The biggest festival of Sint-Eustatus – its own carnival, which is held in mid-July. Like everywhere on the islands, its main points are musical performances, noisy parties with dancing, competitions and exhibitions of local cooking. On November 16, the Fort Orange (Fort Oran) takes place on November 16, the colorful events of the American Day ceremony, also known as the day of the step (so for brevity is usually called Sint-Eustatius), which celebrates the date of support to Sint-Eustius in 1776 (the first of foreign states, By the way) the independence of the newly formed North American United States.

Summer festival Sabs usually opens at the end of July. This picturesque weekly festival, equivalent to the status of the carnival of other islands, includes various musical ideas with dancing, sports competitions, the election of the Queen and King Calypso, a colorful costume parade around Bottom and decorated fireworks festival Final. Days of Sabs, held in early December, also replete with numerous parades and processions, dance presses, yacht races and culinary events.

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