Festivals and holidays on Aruba

Like other countries of the Caribbean Sea, Aruba conducts many religious and secular events, each of which carries an imprint of the mixing of cultures, which is so characteristic of a local society. One of the most colorful holidays of the island is the famous carnival of Aruba, passing a few weeks to the Great Post (usually in February). This festival is accompanied by numerous parades, mascaras, musical competitions, many dance events and parties. The most noisy events are held in Oarastade, but local carnivals are organized in this period almost throughout the country.

New Year is celebrated by colorful fireworks and folk festivities, and on January 7, parade of torches, the parade of old masks and the solemn burning of the stuffed king of the Momito (folklore character). At the end of April, the Summer Jam Festival is held, accompanied by carnival and performances of jazz orchestras. At the end of June, the festival of harvest Dera-Guy is held with colorful ceremonies of Pumpkin Funeral. In early December, San Nicholas Day celebrates (Santa Claus local transcription). During this period, the popular folk hero is planted as shore of the island along with colorful black Peter, who helps him distribute candy and other gifts to children gathering on the main square of Oranjestad.

Festivals and holidays on Aruba

At the end of March, a traditional international half-marathon is held, collecting several thousand professionals and ordinary tourists. At the end of April, an international bowling tournament is held, and at the end of May – Soul Beach Music Festival. In June, the windsurfing competition High Winds-Warld Chelyland under the auspices of PBA and international triathlon (June 26). In early July, the Music festival Heinexen. In August – International Golf Tournament Pro-AM, and in October – Open Golf Championship KLM. All year round, on Tuesdays, in the Metropolitan Forte, Outman is held by the Festival of Bonbini, which presents tourists of the applied art exhibition, grocery fairs and many musical and dance events.

Festivals and holidays on Aruba

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