Festivals and holidays on Antigua and Barbuda

On January 22-23, a traditional regatta organized by the Antigua yacht club is held around the island, and the cricket and volleyball seasons open. In February, there are exhibitions of horses and dogs, as well as the regatta of St. Valentine’s Day. In March, numerous festive Easter ceremonies are interesting. In April, international cricket competitions are held, Antigua Call Cup for Yacht Sport (April 8-10), Antigua-Classic Regatta (April 14-19) and Annual Water Sport Competition. Annual sports fishing tournament is held at the end of April – early May. On May 27, the annual tennis week begins, passing on the courts of the Karteyn Blaff hotel, Fair Fair and Carnival Caribara – the main festive event Barbuda.

In June, the Annual Annual International Amateur Badminton Tournament (June 15-25), the Country Country Championship on Bodybuilding and Cultural Eerring Vadadley. In July, the Caribbean Comedy Festival, the International Catholic Fair to Michael Mount, the next regatta of Antigua-Weekend, the Netball Championship and Carnival of Antigua (July 23 – August 3).

Festivals and holidays on Antigua and Barbuda

In September, the police week are held, in October – the National Festival of Warri (National Board Game) with the relevant championship, the Fair of the National Dress and two regatta. In November, there is a huge number of festive events dedicated to the Independence Day – an open tournament in golf, Ebenesera Church Fair, Music Festivals (including a colorful concert of performers and on breeding musical instruments), craft fair and several yacht competitions. In December, a whole series of yacht holidays passes, including the oldest exhibition of boats on the planet – Nicholson Yacht Show.

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