Festivals and holidays in Vietnam

A huge number of celebrations conducted in the country is based on both the ancient traditions and beliefs of the Vietnamese people and in later ideological surveys of history. Most of the main religious festivals are noted in accordance with the lunar calendar: "Tet Nguyen Dan" – Vietnamese New Year (the most important holiday of the year, lasts a whole week), festival "Yen Tu" And the holiday of Pagoda to Loa (January), the festival of the Thang temple there in Wangtau (February), the festival of Hong (March-April), China Festival in Qang Province to us (March), celebration of the dead "Than Min" (April), Day Summer Sunstream "Bread Dan NGO" (June), the second most important holiday – the day of the wandering shower "Trojng Nguyen" (held on the fifteenth day of the seventh moon, August), New Year’s Eve "Giana Tua" and etc.

Many events are associated with specific dates of Vietnamese history or some local traditions: Festival "Dong May" In Hybartavg (February), Marble Mountains Festival "Kwan" and festival "Ba Hua Hu" (February-March), Thau Pagoda Festival with Colorful Puppet Presentations (February-March), Thai Pagoda Festival in Tukhuk and Festival "Chu Dong Tu" (March), "Festival Pagoda Spirit" In Hyongson (April), Festival "Lac Long Kwan" In Bienmin (April), Festival of Temple Bau Chui Hu on Caudok (June 10-12), Festival "Ka te" in the Fuok area (beginning of September), nationwide "Mid-Autumn Festival" (End of September) and Festival of CEO Pagoda in Thajbin (October 26-28), Water Festival "NJing ong" And the festival of the temple tank Kiep (September-October), festivals of folk songs "KSOAN", "Kwan Ho" and "Chow Van" and many other colorful events.

Many sporting events are held: Fantastic Festival Sin (January), Fishermen Festival "Kau NSU" (January), Racing on elephants (early April – End of May) in Don Williale, traditional bulls in Haifone "Before Son" (End of September – October), Fortsky Festival Doya (September-October), racing on the oxen (October), boat festival "OK OM BOC BOC" In Shock Strag (end of November), regular and widespread cocks and much more.

Festivals and holidays in Vietnam

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Festivals and holidays in Vietnam

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