Festivals and holidays in Venezuela

The most popular holiday of the country is a carnival, which takes place in the preceding day of repentance Monday and Tuesday. Noisy and colorful events pass these days across the country, and in each settlement of ways to carry out their own way and the carnival entourage: somewhere steal the butt cradle with a baby Jesus to celebrate her return, somewhere spend colorful processions and masquerades, in Other places try to arrange these days as many musical ideas as possible – every city or village is drawn into the atmosphere of the Universal Holiday.

Given the obvious Catholic nature of Venezuela, most of the other national celebrations can be safely attributed to the Christian calendar. In addition to Easter, Christmas and holiday of the Body of Christ, who are enthusiastically celebrated throughout the country, the days of many of the saints from the extensive Christian Pantheon are very widely celebrated here. During the passionate week, theatrical representations are fulfilled everywhere, the suffering of Jesus is shown. Traditionally, the most difficult plays in which hundreds of actors and thousands of viewers are involved are held near the city of Merida. Numerous processions and theatrical representations are held on the eve of the holiday of the Body of Christ. In the same period, you can see such a colorful event as "Dance devil" ("Dyablos Danzanez" or "Dyablad") In the towns around Caracas (it is especially colorful to celebrate this event in the towns of Chuao and Los Kneeise).

Most Venezuelan takes a long vacation in the period of Christmas holidays – from mid-December to mid-January. On Christmas Eve and on New Year’s Eve, large fireworks are usually arranged. On Christmas Eve ("La Night-Buen") Large dolls are made, symbolizing the problems of the outgoing year. They are burned in New Year’s midnight, symbolizing the new beginning.

Caracas marks the anniversary of its foundation every year, from July 21 to July 29, a whole series of cultural events, which usually include many theatrical representations, exhibitions of sculptures and paintings, concerts and street processions.

Festivals and holidays in Venezuela

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