Festivals and holidays in Vanuatu

Vanuatu Islands are famous for the amazing mixing of Melanesian and European traditions, so local holidays, albeit quite a few, are well known outside the country. February 15 marked the most unusual event of the country – John Frouma Day on the island of Tanna. John Fruum cult appeared in the 20th century, when Vanuatu was occupied by parts of the American Marine Corps. Americans literally shocked the foundations of a local worldview, filming the country with trucks, canned food, cigarettes and other luxury items (in local concepts, of course). What approved the locals in the opinion that Europeans had previously deliberately denied the islanders in these "Josty". Then appeared in these parts the cult of the mythical American soldier John Fruum, who will come, and releases the islanders from Europeans in general and from missionaries in particular. Therefore, the feast itself in honor of FRUM is carried out accompanied by numerous dance and musical representations, parades and folk festivals.

March 20 celebrate the feast of the French language. In mid-April, go fishing competitions for the Easter Call Cup. From the end of April to June, perhaps the most renowned event of the country – "Ritual Jumps" On the island of Pentect. During this ancient religious rite, which had no time, the function of prayer about abundance, local brands jump from high (up to 35 m) platforms with flexible lianams tied to the legs. The ritual collects thousands of tourists and locals, and is accompanied by all sorts of cultural events.

At the end of May, the International Maritime and Underwater Photography Festival is held, and at the end of June – Ocean Swimming of Vanuatu on Espiritu-Santo, Rally Vanuatu and Music Holiday (Port Vila, Tanna and Espirita Santo). In July, the regatta Melbourne – Port Vila (July 2-26), the Carnival of the mid-winter in Port Vila and the two golf championships among lovers. In August, the mini-festival of ethnography on the island of Ambrirm, the National Pictures Festival on the Sand (dedicated to the traditional graphics for islands), Agricultural exhibition Vanuatu and Open Golf Championship Vanuatu.

In September, you can see such colorful holidays as the current festival ("Tok" – Cult dance of the entire clan or tribal union) on the island of Tanna and "Festival of two waterfalls" On the island of Baks. In October, the Grand Music Festival of Napuane and the Annual Day of the Cultural Center Luvanari (Malkula Island). In November, the big mountain cycling on the island of Tanna.

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Festivals and holidays in Vanuatu

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Festivals and holidays in Vanuatu

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