Festivals and holidays in Uzbekistan

The holiday of Ramazon Hatch or Ramadan-Bayram (Ramadan’s ending holiday) is celebrated 3 days at the end of the sacred month of Ramadan. These days it is customary to visit, give gifts and sacrifice the poor. Approximately 70 days after the end of Ramadan, Kurban-Bayram (ID al-Adha) is celebrated, during which the graves of the ancestors are attended, committing sacrifices and hold festive feasts for all relatives and not.

Spring Festival Navruz (Novruz-Bayram, Islamic New Year) – one of the most beloved holidays. Navruz is the adaptation of the Queen of the Spring Equinox or Celebration of Nature Update, which is celebrated on the Spring Equinox Day (March 21), and is usually accompanied by traditional musical and dance competitions, street performances and colorful fairs (a holiday takes 2 days). The harvest festival Pakhta-Bayram is held in early December in Karakalpakia – one of the few places in the world where you can see the game "Ulak" ("Lylak-oyna", "Goblery"). Also, the ancient folk rites include Mehrzhon ("Human gifts" or feast of compassion), Darweshon, Kizil-Gul Sili ("Holiday red"), Suv-Sili ("Water holiday"), Lola Sili ("Tulip holiday"), Cum Sili ("holiday sand"), Cor-Hat ("Feast of the first snow") other.

Festivals and holidays in Uzbekistan

In May, every four years, the International Film Festival is held in Tashkent. Folklore Festival "Boysun-Bahhori" held in the city of Boysun 15-17 May. In August, festivals are held in August "Namangan flowers" and "Namangan apples". Also interesting Festival of Uzbek Plova (Bukhara, June), Festival of Uzbek Bread (Tashkent, August), Annual Exhibition-Fair "Decorative and applied art of Central Asia" (Tashkent, mid-November), festival "Children for peace and disarmament" Around the International Museum of Peace and Solidarity in Samarkand (October 23) and other.

Festivals and holidays in Uzbekistan

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