Festivals and holidays in Ukraine: Personal experience

About the city of Ivano-Frankivsk Cool memories – European city in the Carpathian region, people are good, very hospitable. The city is rich in history, many monuments of architecture have been preserved since the times of Polish and Austria-Hungarian governments. There is a park, lake. They say here very colorful especially for Christmas. Interesting, come!

Yes, and about the blacksmith festival! Here come for blacksmiths from all over the world. Immediately on the spot of the unusual beauty of the composition. Such a festival is held not for the first time, and every year we raise an unusual gift to the city – Joint work Tree of happiness (tree with swings). Sun, Carousel, Composition with ancient Camera. Everything is very interesting. Recommended!

Ukrainian festivals

Speaking about festivals in Ukraine, it is impossible not to say about Gogol Fest (organizer – Vlad Troitsky, theater director from Kyiv). It is carried out in Kyiv mainly in May, but in 2010 shifted due to lack of funds and was held in August. Stunning festival!! So much mind and creative fantasy, come to Kyiv specifically for this festival – you will not regret. All excellent quality – large and small theaters, musicians, from Georgian choirs to Dahi Brahi (incredibly talented youth), artists and many other progenic creative identities. As for exhibitions and performances – the head goes around, the reserved avangradists come to Gogol Fest. Gogol understood a sense in the forefront! I myself was none of anyone.

Festivals and holidays in Ukraine Personal experience

In Kyiv, you need to watch Krahina Mriya – the country of dreams. The brainchild of Oleg Violin from the screaming group Vioplyasov is an ethnofestival, very unusual, cheerful action with a lot of guests from different countries. Also passed in May, you need to look for the announcement on the Internet about when it will be held next time.

We must go to the Sorozhintsy, to the Fair. This is also necessarily – fun, satisfying, is expensive (because of the abundance of politicians, probably buying souvenirs), but even politicians are also part of the act. Fair still. There are also all – both Georgians, Uzbeks, and Moldovans, all – prepare delicious and there is something to see.

Festivals and holidays in Ukraine Personal experience

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