Festivals and holidays in Turkmenistan

The Turkmen has many holidays, starting from the celebration of the new home or the birth of a child ("Besik Toyy"), in honor of the haircut of the first hair ("Sach-Alyush"), feast of the first step ("Bearing-Gadam"), wedding ("Nicky Toyy"), the holiday of the 63rd birthday of a man ("Akgoun"), and ending with the holiday of the Turkmen carpet (last Sunday of May) or the holiday of Gala Bayrama grain (third Sunday of July) and many others. Also from the darkness of the centuries to this day they reached such ancient festivals as "Darweshona", "Mehrzhon" (holiday gifts), "Erga Warg-Kadash" (feast sowing), "Burn Sayili " (Grape festival), feast of women ("Bibi Seshanba") other.

Every year traditional Islamic holidays are noted, whose dates are determined in accordance with the lunar calendar. The holiday of Ramazon Hit or Ramadan-Bayram (the end of the end of Ramadan) is celebrated 3 days at the end of the Holy Month. These days it is customary to visit, give gifts and sacrifice the poor. Approximately 70 days after the end of Ramadan, Kurban-Bayram (ID al-Adha) is celebrated, during which the graves of the ancestors are visited. Spring Festival Navruz (Novruz-Bayram, Turkmen New Year) – one of the most beloved holidays in Turkmenistan. Navruz is an adaptation of the Queen of the Spring Equinox or Celebration of Nature Update, and is usually accompanied by traditional musical and dance competitions, street performances and colorful fairs.

Festivals and holidays in Turkmenistan

Also deserve attention to the traditional spring festivities Lola Saiyili (Tulips Holiday) and Chuchmoma Sailei (Snowdrops Holiday), Suw Saileili ("Water drop", First Sunday April), National Holiday "Turkmen Atlary Sainai" ("Holiday of Turkmen Skakuna", Last Sunday April), Day of Renaissance, Unity and Poetry Magtumguly (May 19), Kovun Sainai ("Holiday melon", Second Sunday August), Bakhshi Day ("Bakhshi" – Folk patches and singers, the holiday is celebrated on the last Sunday of September), hosiel-bypara ("Harvest holiday", Last Sunday November), "Good neighborhood" (first Sunday December) and other colorful events.

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