Festivals and holidays in Tunisia

The number of various festivals and celebrations is just huge for such a small country. At the end of January, folklore passes in Tatawin "Festival Ksarov". In Ariana – Colorful Roses Festival (May). In Tabarca, the traditional festival of spring is held in May, in June-July – the international jazz festival, and in early September – a whole series of water holidays, among which the coral festival and "Trident Neptune".

Same water extravagan "Trident Neptune" It takes place in June-July in Bizerte, preceding the international festival Bizerta (July-August). The capital of the country in July-August is held by the International Festival of Carthage, and in the month of Ramadan – the Festival of Medina. In Mae-June, a unique falcon festival is held in May-June, which demonstrates the skills and the constitution of hunting birds to which Tunisians experience a special passion. Meknassi is a festival of purebred Arabic scakunas (June-July). In Hammamet, in July, the Yasmin Hammamet festival is held or the international Hammamet Culture Festival. In July-August, El Jime adopts the International Music Festival, Dugg – International Festival of the classical Dugg drama, and Djerba – Ulysses Festival (July).

Festivals and holidays in Tunisia

At the same time (July-August) in Sousse, the Colorful International Susta Festival or "Festival d’0ssu", on which groups performing folk songs and dances of this region are performing, and in Sfax – Plastic Arts Festival. In the fall (November), a four-day oasis festival with numerous competitions and contests on traditional sports and camel battles is held in Tozre. In Carthage, the International Film Festival is held in October (odd years). In Duza – the Sahara Festival, on which nomads and peasants of oases are going to, and throughout the south of the country there are numerous countries "Days of Tourism Sahara".

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