Festivals and holidays in Portugal

The number of festivities performed is just huge. The reason for celebrations can serve a lot of countless saints, pilgrimage, fair and t. D. In the north of any country, even the smallest village, has its own festive traditions with music, dancing, fireworks and specific rites. On holidays in many cities, the country is necessarily satisfied with the corrida – one of the favorite spectacles of Portuguese (conditions less cruel than in Spain – the bull here do not kill here).

In the port of Prasa-da Liberdade Square on June 24, the festival is held in honor of the Apostle John. At the end of June, the festivities of San Joan are held in Braga, and collecting a huge number of believers in numerous processors. Oh offended in October, the Festival of Old Music is held. In Coimbre in May, the student festival of CuaMa-Shower Fitus is held. Every year at the end of April – early May on Madeira, a noisy and cheerful carnival of flowers is held, and in September – a colorful holiday collection of vintage (celebrated from 1419 g.). In winter, there are luxurious carnivals, colorful fairs and rural holidays, as well as fireworks above the Bay of Funchal.

On the Azores, on San Miguel, on the first Sunday after Easter is satisfied with the so-called "Procession of patients" On the road, covered with flowers. On the fifth Sunday, after Easter, processions and a large national holiday in Ponta Delgada pass. On the day of St. John (June 24) is held the largest and most popular holiday on azorah – St. John with festive fires and colorful processions. The last week of August is the week of the Kitoboev in the Lazhish-Doit, in Faale – the Sea Week (the first Sunday of August), on Santa Mary – Mare Festival Mare D’Magosta (End of August), in San Mateuche – Bon- Jжушsh (August 6), and in a peak – Holidays of the Holy Spirit (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday after Duhov Day).

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Festivals and holidays in Portugal

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