Festivals and holidays in Malaysia

The country is famous for its holidays, and it is not surprising – a mixture of many religions and a place of residence of different nations, this earth gave rise to a large number of colorful and interesting ceremonies, whose roots are lost in the depths of centuries. Surprisingly many Christian, Hindu and local holidays are held annually in this Muslim and allegedly "Intertly" Country.

The European New Year is widely celebrated everywhere, except the states, where the main population is Muslims (Johor, Kelantan, Kedah, Perlis, Trengan). Hari-Paras Pourse (Aidip Fitri, Hari Raya-Aihalftree) – the last day of Ramadan (non-working), is celebrated in honor of the end of the post. Muslims celebrate it in the home circle. Two months later, HARI REYYA-AIDELFTRI celebrated Hari Hari Aidil Adha.

Hindu feast of the worship of God Murugan (subramanum) – Taipouas (Thaypusan), held at the end of January – early February, and is accompanied by colorful solemn processions (non-working day in the states of Painang, Negri-Sismbilan, Perak, Selangor). A lot of colorful processions and religious celebrations are held in the Buddhist festival of Vesak (May). Dipali (the path of light, the end of October – the beginning of November) notes the onset of the new year on the Indian calendar – all over the month is covered by everything and all, oil lamps are lit"VKIK"), the prayer ceremonies are ceremony and colorful events are held.

The Chinese New Year and the holiday of the Jade Emperor (January-February) are one of the most colorful celebrations in the country, since the legends of the Lord of Heaven, who lives on Jade Mountain, rejoices, if people celebrate these days nicely (officially the holiday lasts two non-working days, but In fact, he lasts fifteen days and is, in fact, annual holidays for most Chinese). The holiday of lunar pellets and the festival of lanterns – the favorite festivities of the Chinese population of the country. Many people go to the streets and celebrate these events with all relevant events in such an event – costume processing, dancing and performances of artists, fireworks and air coil competitions. Also surprisingly picturesque ceremonies in the Chinese holiday Cheng Beng ("All Saints’ Day").

Festivals and holidays in Malaysia

Holiday Caaaman or "Harvest holiday" (May, sabah) is accompanied by beauty contests, dancing, ritual rituals and ends the gratitude ceremony. In Sarawak at the end of May – early June, the feast of Hawaii is held with a lot of sports competitions, feasts and dances. Cat Berda Tama Bearer is a huge breeding collection, held in May in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKota-Belud near Kota-Kinabalu (Sabah). During this period, mass market performances, traditional ceremonies, costume pages of riders and signs, as well as the indispensable fairs of handicraft and food fairs.

Holiday. Anna (July, Pinang) – For nine days, serve colorful and majestic mass in the church of St. Anna in Bukit-Mertajam and there are night marchs with candles (especially July 26 and 29). Holiday. Pedro is celebrated in honor of the birthday of this patron of fishermen in Malacca (end of June). And in July, the colorful festival of colors is held in the capital, during which contests are held for the best flower decoration of buildings and "Parade of flowers", accompanied by street performances of orchestras and dance groups. Every year, Malaysia festival (September) is held in Kuala Lumpur with an extensive program of all kinds of events.

In addition to numerous competitions in traditional Malay sports, also turned into noisy and colorful celebrations, the Malay Stage of the Gran of Formula 1 in Sepang (March) is very popular.

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