Festivals and holidays in Indonesia

Due to the huge variety of ethnic groups and the mixing of religions, Indonesia, naturally, has a huge number of cultural events held throughout the year. Many local holidays have no less flavor than large state events, therefore, even in the absence of any official festivals, you can always get acquainted with a lot of interesting folk traditions.

The main holidays of the island of Bali – the Galunhan festival (the date is inconstant, passes within 10 days), the spring holiday in the temple of Pura-Bescash, Nyepi, or the holiday of silence – accompanied by many independent ceremonies: cleansing temple deities melasti, expulsing the evil spirits Pengrupuk, NGEMBAC-Nyepie (Forgiveness Sunday) and DR. Also interesting to the ceremonial holiday Pura-Mere, the famous holiday of the full moon in the Church in Chakrangere (June), the rain festival Perang-Ketupat (October-December), the celebration of Pujaali and many others. And at the same time, one of the main holidays – Hari Niepi, the Balinese New Year (the date is determined by the calendar "Saka", usually march) – passes very quiet. On this day from 6.00 to 6.00 It’s next day it is not customary to come out of the house and generally noise – almost all the establishments are closed, the streets are empty and freezes almost all life – local residents meet this holiday by post and meditation.

Festivals and holidays in Indonesia

Independence Day (August 17) is celebrated with a big pump in every city and village, especially colorfully he takes place in Jakarta, accompanied by numerous carnivals and cultural events. Jakarta Fair is held in June and lasts approximately three weeks. Also worth visiting the colorful and bright events – Jalan-Jaks Street Fair (August) and International Cultural Performance (May). At the Sumbe in February and March, theatrical submissions are held, returning to the era of internecine war. On the island of Laranduk, a dramatic Easter parade is held (April-May), in Rutheng and Flores – fights on whips (August), on Sulawesi, especially interesting "Four banquets" Thoraiyan (August-October).

On Java, especially colorful representations of the traditional "Ballet Ramayana", True usually in the open theater of the Prambanan Temple Complex twice a month from May to September. The island of Madura hosts well-known bull races (August-September), ending with the colorful final race in Monkeyan (September). Understanding the four-day Buddhist festival of Weak in Borobudre, who is celebrated in honor of the enlightenment of the Buddha. Thousands of pilgrims participate in the procession from the temple will change to Borobudura, and at its end there are dance performances and exhibitions of applied arts.

Festivals and holidays in Indonesia

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