Djibouti City: Djibouti

Capital of the country, city of Djibouti, can not be called attractive for tourists. The city is pretty young – it is founded by the French at the end of the XIX century as a military outpost at the exit from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean. Here and to this day there are about 1000 French soldiers from the so-called "Foreign Legion".

The population does not exceed 300 thousand people living in predominantly one-two-storey houses. Practically no greens, the city is very dusty, polluted and heavy for living.

In the capital, on the ocean, the presidential palace built in the Neomavritarian style, but most of the buildings of the city have typical features of the colonial style. It is necessary to visit the central market (Le-Mare-Central), located south of the city center, attractive, among other things, the fact that this is one of the few places in the world where fresh sprigs are perfectly sold "Cat" ("Qat") – weak drug (rather, even a temperate stimulator), so popular in the east.

Be sure to visit the tropical aquarium Djibouti, opening every day from 4 to 18.30 (except Ramadan’s time). You can freely walk by the presidential palace, which is also unusual for the Muslim world, according to colorful sidewalks near the L’Escale theater or visit the yacht parking, one of the best in the world.

City of Djibouti Djibouti

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