City of discoveries Zurich

In the consciousness of most tourists, first falling in Zurich, this city is associated exclusively with banks, a large business, stock exchange, something soulless and cold. This feeling disappears pretty quickly – it is worth only at the Central Station of the City, stroll through his old part, feed the swans on the lake and look at the stained glass windows churches.

This does not mean that business Zurich is a successfully created myth. Today Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland, its economic and financial capital, although this is not a megapolis – the inhabitants of the city are about 360 thousand. human. The famous Zurich Stock Exchange was created in 1877 and now ranks fourth in the world in importance.

Zurich in twilight

The city is an extremely convenient place for exhibitions, conferences, seminars and other events. Zurich offers a very extensive and modern exhibition center, with a total exhibition area of ​​35,000 square meters. meters. In addition, at the disposal of participants and visitors to exhibition events – seven restaurants and cafes of bars designed for 880 people. If negotiations need to be carried out for a very short time, you can use the Curich International Airport Congress Center recognized as one of the best in Europe and the World.

Zurich is conveniently located in the center of Europe, several flights with a convenient schedule fly from Moscow daily, moreover, Zurich Airport is one of the largest connecting centers of the world. The airport of the city takes more than 17.5 million. Passengers annually serves 110 different airlines, from it can be departed according to any one of 140 directions located in 80 countries of the world. The airport itself offers not only reception racks, waiting rooms, VIP-halls, but also a huge shopping mall with an area of ​​25,000 square meters. M., one of the largest in Switzerland.

Fashionable clothes of famous designers, accessories, cosmetics and perfumes, drinks, tobacco – in very attractive prices. And, of course, everything that is done in Switzerland – from hours and knives to chocolate and cheese – occupies a special place. After walking on numerous shops at the airport, it is pleasant to sit with a cup of coffee or dine in one of the magnificent restaurants. The city center can be reached in just 10 minutes, bypassing any traffic jams, thanks to comfortable and silent Swiss trains.

The first thing travelers face, arriving in Zurich – a huge and bright building of the railway station. Unlike many cities in Europe, in Zurich this is not just an ordinary transport knot. On Wednesdays station turns into a large market where you can buy the freshest cheeses brought by local farmers, homemade sausages, wine and dairy products.

Before Christmas, the station building decorates a huge spruce decorated with sparkling christmas toys and rhinestones Swarovski. On the extensive Christmas station you can buy cute souvenirs and gifts, try local mulled wine or punch and just enjoy the pre-holiday atmosphere. And under the station building there is an extensive shopping center, partially working even on weekends, when the remaining Switzerland stores are closed.

Directly from the station begins the most famous Street Zurich, also named after the station – Bahnhofstrasse. Something she resembles our Tverskaya, only less than the last and more elegant – the same chic shops, restaurants and cafes, slightly "Diluted" offices of banks and financial companies. This street is concentrated, probably the largest luxury hour and jewelry stores in Zurich.

Zurich – the capital of the same name Canton, in it, as well as for most of Switzerland, speak at the Swiss German. Residents of Zurich did not strictly adhere to the canons of German, and invented their dialect, not always understandable to those who speak in the Goethe language. However, serious language difficulties are hardly waiting for tourists – like many cities of Europe, Zurich multilingualized and cosmopolitanized, and many people say in English.

The old town divides approximately in half the Limmat River, part of the city is located on the shores of Zurich Lake (its length – 39 km). Especially picturesque part of the city, limited Bahnhofstrasse and the river. To the surprise of pedestrians, literally a few dozen meters from the lively highway, there is a trickle of narrow streets with multi-colored low houses and the elegant Church of the Fraumunster Monastery. In the cathedral, which remained on the site of the oldest in the city of the monastery of the IX century, you can detect stained glass windows painted by Mark Chagalom. However, to some disappointment of painting lovers, the cathedral is regularly closed for reconstruction.

Nearby is another attraction of the city – St. Peter’s Church. It is on it that are the biggest tower clock in Europe with a diameter of almost 9 meters, built back in 1538. On the other side of the river attracts the views of Grossmünster (large cathedral) with two towers and basilica, built in the XII century. One of the towers is an observation deck, and in good weather, from there, there is a magnificent view of the city and the lake.

City of discoveries Zurich

Panorars and Those who prefer to move up with the help of transportation, will appreciate the views from the Mount Felsenegg – the lift climbs on it. Zurich Town Hall is located in a monumental latenesian building decorated with stucco and built at the end of the XVII century.

If in Zurich has the opportunity to spend more than one day, it is worth a visit to the city museums. Zurich belongs to the leading centers of art in Europe, among the most famous museums – Swiss National Museum, Kunsthause, Museum of Art Crafts. Richard Wagner, James Joyce, Gottfried Keller – just a few of the celebrities living on the Limmat River.

From chamber, but very curious museums of the city are allocated at once two museum toys. In one of them, a magnificent collection of teddy bears of past centuries, starting from the middle of the XIX century, as well as all sorts of dolls and their accessories. In the Museum of Toys Depuoz will be fascinated not only young, but also adult lovers of trains, railways, steam engines and cars. Very impressive and collection of vintage wooden toys. And, of course, in the largest city of the country, there were no closers without a museum of hours. On Bahnhofstrasse, 31, a unique clock meeting is presented – from very ancient (ancient Egyptian sundial) to unusual, striking with its design and mechanisms.

Musical and theatrical zurich, as it should be a significant European city, is very diverse. Magnificent acoustics and excellent body is famous for the Opera House on Bellevue (Opernhaus am Bellevue) and Tonhalle (Tonhalle). In August-September the festival is held "Theatrical view" (Theaterspektakel): For several days, the best achievements of avant-garde art are demonstrated in experimental theaters. November – the time of the jazz festival, when thousands of lovers of this music gather in the city. However, this does not mean that the classics and high art should be appreciated in Zurich. Once a year, in the summer, the city is deacted in bright, acid colors: Street Parade and Technotrans-Festival collects so many participants that Zurich barely copes with their influx.

In summer, and especially in the fall, Zurich is surprisingly beautiful and allows you to perfectly combine holidays in nature with urban pleasures. Along the embankments of Limmata, several spacious urban parks spread. In his free time it is worth walking around the botanical garden (Zollikerstrasse, 107), the entrance to it is free. Lovers of cycling and jogging will appreciate the long and beautiful embankments of the river.

Walking along the shores of the lake will take pleasure at any time of the day, especially since almost the water itself is two good restaurants – Fischstube and Zurichhhorn. Will not be away from the active recreation and children: in addition to the mass of water entertainment, they will find a wonderful zoo and a Masoala Tropical Park, where you can plunge into the atmosphere of Madagascar and see the cartoon heroes in natural form.

At night, life in Zurich does not freeze, especially on Fridays and weekends. The most fashionable restaurants and clubs are needed to reserve in advance, but even those who have decided to have fun at the last moment, where to do it. In the weekend, more than 300 institutions are open after midnight, their choice is very large, both in the directions of music and atmosphere and price range. In the summer there are also many bars and outdoor cafes. But at another time of the year, Zurich provides a lot of opportunities for a variety of recreation, even if you have to combine it with work.

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