City Nicosia

Unlike the majority of cities and towns of Cyprus, Nicosia is in the depths of the island, 20 kilometers from the coast, so it is impossible to call it the resort. However, the modern capital continues to attract the attention of tourists with its history, species, historical monuments, museums.

How to get

Nicosia International Airport was closed during the famous events of 1974. Since then, getting to the capital of Cyprus is most conveniently through Larnaca Airport – it is located just 30 kilometers from Nicosia.

From Paphos Airport will have to do a significantly longer way – about 65 km on the highway A6 along the coast will have to drive to Limassol, and then turn to the north on the Multibine Highway A1 and drive as much as much. There is an option of arrival in Nicosia with the Turkish side, but it will take only local flights with the Turkish territory and is associated with additional difficulties – the risk of uncomplicated visa, extra explanations with the police and T.D., Therefore, such an option to tourists we do not recommend.

Between the capital and major cities of the island run regular buses, they go several times a day and cost much cheaper taxis.

City `s history

It so happened that after the occupation of Northern Cyprus, Turkish troops in 1974, Nicosia became the capital of two states at once – Greek southern Cyprus and the Turkish Republic Northern Cyprus. Only a few years ago, after a forty-year confrontation, the heads of the Turkish and Greek communities of the city agreed to dismantle the wall and barricades on the main street of the city of Lester. Currently, a pedestrian movement between Greek and Turkish parts occurs in two pedestrian passages, but the demarcation line remains under the protection of UN troops.

History of Nicosia goes back to time immemorial. The city has repeatedly destroyed earthquakes and Mediterranean pirates. Residents of coastal regions, fleeing from pirate raids, rushed to the center of the island and settled here. So the city has grown and, after the joining of the island to the Byzantine Empire, became the administrative center of the island.

Subsequently, Nicosia was the capital of the Franksk Dynasty of the Kingdom of Cyprus, and in the 15th century, after the transfer of the Island of the Venetian Republic, the capital and residence of the Governor of the Island. Venetians ruled the island less than a hundred years. In 1570, Nickosiya storming from the sea and sushi took the Turks, who rule the island until 1878. This year, the Ottoman Empire and the United Kingdom signed the Cypriot Convention on the transfer of the island to the UK Protectorate instead of Military Help Turkey against Russia.

Shortly after the proclamation of independence in 1960, the civil war between the Turkish and Greek population of the island began. She claimed the lives of several thousand Cypriots and the Turks and ended with the introduction of Turkish troops to Northern Cyprus and the establishment of UN troops on the border. As a result of the war and the occupation, the most famous resort of Eastern Cyprus – Famagusta came into decay, which gave impetus to the development of resorts in the southern coast – in Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos.

Accommodation and nutrition

As in any capital of the world, in Nicosia, a large selection of hotels and apartments for every taste is provided – from luxurious to budget. It is known that Cyprus is one of the world’s largest offshore zones, world scale capital flows through it, so in the city there are many business centers, hotels provide halls for conferences and negotiations, translators, lawyers and guides.

You can have lunch or quickly snack in numerous restaurants and taverns, the city also has several fast-food restaurants – Subway, Burger King, McDonalds. Note the fact that in the Greek part of such institutions is much more.

Entertainment, Shopping and Markets

City Nicosia

The largest shopping center of the capital of Cyprus is Celex Mall in the area of ​​Scroll. In the same area there are supermarkets IKEA, Lero Merlin, Interpoport, Madison Mall. Here is the city hospital and, already at the city feature, Atalass National Park with the Lake of the same name. In search of souvenirs and genuine goods of famous brands, we recommend walking through the streets of Makarios Avenue, Stasikratus and Mnasiad.

Nicosia – Cultural, Administrative and Business Center of the country, so there are not so many noisy quarters with a casino, nightclubs and discos. In fashionable hotels, there are, of course, all kinds of night entertainment, but in search of a funny and noisy pastime, it is better to visit Larnaca or Ayia-napa.

An unforgettable impression will leave a visit to urban markets – Pheromenis on Greek and Bandabulia – in the Turkish half of the city. Here, except for the abundance of all sorts of goods, mixing fragrances, felt unique flavor of the Eastern Bazaar.

Since the days of Venetian dominion, the city was built up within the ring city wall, so the main architectural and historical monuments of the city are inside this ring. Almost all defensive structures of the city – walls, towers and bastions – at the end of the last century were renovated. In one of the bastions there is a presidential palace, in another – the museum of the history of the struggle for liberation from the British. Others are administrative, representative and military organizations.

In the Turkish half of the city, the main city mosque is towers – rebuilt by the Turks in the mosque Church of St. Sophia 15th century. In addition, it is necessary to mention that in the city a lot of museums – archaeological, ethnographic, museum of motorcycles, jewels, modern art and even Railway (although there is no railway communication in the country, there was an attempt to create it). These museums attract both curious and serious researchers from around the world.

It is very convenient to inspect the sights of the city by bike, since municipal rental points are located in many places of the city.

Being in the area of ​​Ledema Street Until now, you can see abandoned buildings, plundered shops, ruins of residential buildings, all this – the legacy of the civil war of the fifty-year old ago. However, in recent decades, there has been a certain mitigation of the relationship between the Turkish and Greek population of Cyprus, so you can only wish Nicosia to have a lane in this glorious ancient city and returned his former beauty and glory.

City Nicosia

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