City Museum Riekie

The city museum of Rijeki was opened in 1994. and has two branches. The first is dedicated to the history of the city, and the second is the National Revolution Museum. Exposures devoted to revolutionary activities are located in a neighboring building, and funds are on stored at the Museum.

The building of the city museum is located on the territory of the Palace of the Governor, in the house built by the city in 1976. on the project of Lzhegvich. Exposures of the cultural institution are inconsistent, but here are materials thematically related to industrial, cultural and socially related–Political history Riekie.

City Museum of Rieki Sights of Rijeki Travel Guide

In total, in the museum about 12 collections dedicated to music, artistic and decorative–applied art, arms, signs of distinction and numismatics, historical documentation, theater, cinema, photos and philatelelai.

In the field of Rieki history, a very big job was held by the Museum staff. Extensive catalogs have been published here and exhibitions on regional history have been prepared. Today in the museum you can learn about the emergence of literally the smallest detail from the life of the city. So, in the city museum, materials are maintained on the emergence of urban fountains, bridges, buildings and transport. Guests of the city love to attend museum exhibitions, before starting to get acquainted with Riekaya personally.

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