City Marrakesh: Palaces, Gardens and Bazaars Morocco

The city of Maraakes ranks third in the number of residents in Morocco after the capital of the country of Rabat and Casablanca. It is in the depths of the country at the foot of the Atlas Mountains.

There are no beach hotels here that it is worth considering those tourists who enjoys independent search tours. Rest in Marrakech exclusively for those who love excursions or want to meet with the colors of the country Morocco.

Of course, excursions are arranged here from beach resorts, but be prepared for a long trip. The distance from the most popular resort of Morocco Agadir to Marrakesh is 250 kilometers, and this is 3-4 hours drive.

Marrakesh More than other cities Morocco is rich in sights. Like many Arab city of North Africa, it is built around the old part of the city, surrounded by a wall, she is called "Medina". The city itself is more than a thousand years old, Sedina, over, younger. But it is here that the biggest and interesting bazaar of Morocco. In the evenings, a large market with many shops and entertainment opens in the evenings on Square.

Traditions of bazaars in Morocco are very strong, since they were long time centers. Local Berber population lived on large squares, and centers where it was possible to buy goods and sell products of their work, there were not so much. That is how the cities were formed in the old days in Morocco.

In addition to the Square of Jema El Fna in Marrakesh, you can find some more dozen major bazaars.

City Marrakesh Palaces, Gardens and Bazaars Morocco

Gardens are one of the "business cards" of the city. The most famous of them is the garden of Mazhorel, Garden Menara, Gardens Akdal and Garden Kutubia Mosque. But other than the gardens here are quite interesting places. Bahia Palace was built by the Great Vizier Morocco for his concubines and wives.

Old Sultansky Palace El Badi is also inside the medina. It was destroyed and now is a great value as an antique object. But nearby is the new Palace of Dar El Maczen, but it is closed for tourists and is private property.

In Marrakesh, there are several famous religious institutions. The most famous mosque in the city is Kutubia. Her minaret rises above the rest of the city, and often serves as a guideline for citizens. In addition to Kutubia, there are other temples here, the most noteworthy of which is Missin Mosque, which is famous for its fountain. He will definitely give you a coolness and a hot day, as this happens for 6 centuries from the moment of its construction.

City Marrakesh Palaces, Gardens and Bazaars Morocco

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