Urban Marina Benalmadena

It would seem, Benalmadena – Initially, the coastal town and here it is simply obliged to be a historically established marina for ships. but – it’s not quite so. Pier for fishing vessels with the village of Benalmaden really was, but not so long ago, modern marina began to build here – Pier not only for fishing boats, but also for modern yachts.

Urban Marina Benalmadena different from similar on the coast. Marina places strongly goes into the land, forming peculiar channels with turquoise water, on the shores of which the berths for boats are organized. Modern architecture of houses located along Marina also attracts attention – All of them are performed in a single Arabic style and look very harmonious. On the first floors of all buildings along Marina, numerous cafes, restaurants and shops are located.

City Marina Benalmaden Sights of Benalmaden Travel Guide

Local Aquarium is located in the city Marina Benalmaden – «Sea Life».

Today, the main construction works of Marina Benalmadennes have already been completed, but in places various finishing and other minor work continues. Take a walk to the pier stands inappropriate and admire with modern yachts, sailing small frigates. Here you can rent a spoon for sea riding or fishing.

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