Lucca City: What to look at tourists first

Lucca is one of the oldest cities in the Italian region of Tuscany. Only one in Italy is surrounded by the fortress walls around the perimeter. The city’s value is a huge number of medieval palaces, churches. The streets here are narrow and walking on them, it seems that you are walking through the ancient medieval city.

The city itself is small, you can bypass it in a few hours, however, to visit all the attractions it is better to pay for a few days.

Cathedral of St. Martin

The cathedral is founded in the 6th century, but after the rebuilt many times. He draws attention to beautiful columns and its rich decor. Cathedral attracts its sculptures, frescoes, finish. There are pictures of the era of the opposition, for example Last Supper Tintoretto. The main symbol of the cathedral and the city itself is Sacred Lick, in the form of a wooden crucifix. Often, tourists acquire a copy of the crucifixion, as charm.

Palazzo Pfanner

This is a palace with his story, which began in 1860, when Astrika Felix Pfanner bought him in order to make brewery. Exactly Family Pfander and belongs to the famous palace to this day.
For tourists opened the entrance relatively recently, since 1990. Outside there is a magnificent garden, decorated with statues and fountains. Inside there is a huge museum.

Botanical Garden Lucca

One of the most beautiful places in the city, which was created in 1820. Garden is divided into several parts. Exotic trees and shrubs are located in Arndrairia. Tropical plants are in the greenhouses of the garden. The lake is varied of its fauna. There is also a huge collection of plants with the healing properties, beautiful and rarest flowers, as well as mighty trees.

National Park Apuna Alps

Mountain ridge in Italy, which is considered the most picturesque part of Lucca. From the peaks you can enjoy a magnificent view of the sea, blue lakes and caves. Famous Maze Antro Del Korkia, underground is located here. The highest point of the ridge is Peak Monte Pisanino, 1946 meters high.

Basilica San Freidiana

One of the oldest churches of Lucca, which deserves separate attention. It was built in the Romanesque style in the 12th century and since then practically did not change. The facade is decorated with a magnificent mosaic depicting the Ascension of Jesus Christ. Inside the basil decorated with marble walls with carvings, beautiful paintings and sculptures. At the entrance to the church are located Altar Holy Zita, Altar Trent, Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Tower Guindji

Tower of 45 meters high, stands out that trees grow on her vertex. It is built of stone and bricks, inside the paintings hang, in which the medieval life of the city is depicted. Currently, tourists can climb the top of the tower and admire the city-opened views of the city, overcoming 230 steps.

City Lucca What to look at tourists first

Villa Marlia

Beautiful villa that is unique in that it has retained its original appearance. Was erected in the 15th century. On its territory there are beautiful fountains, their own water Theater Fontanov Theater D&# 8217; Aqua And lemon gardens.

National Museum of Villa Guiniji

The museum is located in one of the old buildings of the city, built in 1413. The museum accommodates many paintings of great artists, as well as unique masterpieces of different eras. Also in the museum you can find various exhibits from archaeological finds, to sculptures and even furniture.

Square Napoleon

Square is named so due to the fact that in the palace on this square there lived Sister Napoleon Eliza with her family. Now in the palace you can visit the art gallery, as well as an ancient library. The beauty itself is not different, but it is always very lively here.

Lucca is a city suitable for a relaxing family holiday. There are a lot of attractions in the city, which costs, a huge amount of entertainment and a wonderful atmosphere. If the time for visits to all memorable places is very small, then the 3-hour excursion will help, where our-speaking guides will tell in detail and colorfully.

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