Urban loggia

One of the most beautiful attractions Trogir is a city loggia. Initially, it was built even at the beginning of the 14th century, but only in the 15th century she acquired its current appearance. In those days, the loggia was not just an architecturally remarkable building, she had a concrete destination: it held all sorts of urban meetings and courts.

It is noteworthy that not only new materials of the pore, but also the remnants of ancient structures were used for its construction. So, for example, carrying columns – From the destroyed palace from one of the cities of Dalmatia. The entrance to the loggia is decorated with reliefs and sculptures, symbolizing the law, and the ladies’ inscriptions quote the statements of ancient thinkers on the topics of justice, honor, respectfulness.

City Loggia Sightseeing Trogir Travel Guide

Large clock installed on the loggia tower. The construction itself is located on a small area, which was central in the old town. It held meetings of residents, fairs were arranged.

Very interesting to consider bas-reliefs, decorating the walls of the loggia. They depict the holy and folk heroes. For example, you can see the image of a person holding the city on the palm of palm – This is the Blessed John Trogir, patron of the city, or a man with weights in hand – Saint Laurence, who follows justice. Notably the image of Peter Berislavich on the southern wall of the loggia, he was a folk hero, because he fought against the dominion of Venetians and the Turks on the Croatian Earth.

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