City in the desert – Bikaner

Bicanner &# 8211; city ​​on the border of the desert Tar (640 thousand. residents) &# 8211; can be called Indian Bukharoy. Bicanner Was founded in 1488 Rajput Rao Beak, Son founder Jodhpura, and became independent principality. Coloring the city give narrow streets &# 8211; Buildings are built close to each other to protect against sand storms. Urban houses are built of red sandstone and are distinguished by intricate stone thread and jali-carved window lattices.

Main attraction Bikanner &# 8211; Fort Junagarh, built Rai Singh in 1589-1 594 and the only one in Rajasthan, which is not on the elevation. Fort is surrounded by durable 1.5 kilometer wall with 37 bastions, 7 gates and 9 meter moat. Main entrance &# 8211; Gate of Sun &# 8211; decorated with iron spikes and two statues of painted elephants (they are the only yellow color, all the rest are red). Inside Fort &# 8211; Palaces, temples, courtyards, which were built over the centuries until XX century. The museum tells about the history of the local Maharaj dynasty, and in the oldest palace Karan Mahal (1680) You can see silver throne and stained glass windows. Other palaces are rich in mirrors, mosaic ceilings and floors, carpets. In addition to the fort, in a bicker Two magnificent palaces, which make up a large palace complex, they are located in the north of the city (4 km from the station) and built by one architect by name Swinton Jekob.

City in the desert - Bikaner

Palace Lakshmi Nivas &# 8211; Former residential Palace Maharaja, built in 1889-1902 years from pink sandstone. He has magnificent columns, stone carving, and now this is a luxury hotel.

From this palace more than a kilometer extend gardens, and on the other of their end &# 8211; Later Palace Lalgarh (1912-1926), where the family of former Maharaja still lives, but two wings are again given under the hotels that the princess is managed. Guests of the complex were Lord Kerzzon, French President Clemenso and King George V. There is also a museum with a collection of art objects of the Maharaj family, as well as a huge library.
32 km south of bikiner, in the town Cheka, It is the only one of its kind Rat Church of Carney Mata, Built in origin XX century. In the temple lives a great set White rats. For this there is a legendary justification &# 8211; History of the Local Saint Carney Mata (1387-1538), famous a lot of good deeds. Among others she blew God of death pit Do not pick it up with her step, but he agreed only to leave the boy the roof of the rat. However, most likely pragmatic explanation &# 8211; Thus, the peasants decided to leave the rats from their fields and concentrate them in the temple, bringing there milk, grain and candy as a supplies.

City in the desert - Bikaner

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