City in Alaska, where all the residents of each other are neighbors

Instead of a variety of small private houses on the outskirts of the city, there is a 14-storey building called "Begich Tower" – former army barracks resembling a hotel where almost the entire population of Whittira lives, consisting of only 200 people.

Whitteier in Alaska, USA

There is there and one more large building – Buchner Building. In the sixties, when the base was no longer used on the initial purpose and was not considered suitable for the goals of the Cold War, it was sold and converted into condominium.

Buckner Buchier Buch

However, only the Begich towers were re-equipped and acquired by residents, and Buckner’s building remained abandoned. Latest – a real find for urbanist photographers who attract urban "ruins", and sometimes the place of the rear.

Buckner Building Life in Begich Towers

Life in the towers of Begich is in fact better than you can initially imagine. A lot of work has been done on the improvement of an apartment building, in which about 200 people live. There are two condominiums (!) 24-hour shop, mail, modest polyclinic (the nearest full-fledged hospital is in Anchorage), church and even the school connected to the tower underground tunnel.

You can get to Whitteira on the ship, train or car for single-band road rail tunnel, which closes every night at 22:00. Direction of traffic depends on the time of day. Often, drivers returning from Anchorage do not have time to get to the city until 10 o’clock in the evening and are forced to spend the night in their car.

Tunnel in Wittier (Whittier) in Alaska Movement on the road railway tunnel

Life in the Whitteir is not particularly interesting, but convenient. BOthe rest of the year there is snow, and life in the house, where all the necessary services and amenities are at hand, allows you to do not go outside at all. Little buildings outside are mostly small business objects, opening only when the cruise liner is in the port, serving the annual influx of tourists.

Shop in Whittire Children’s playground in Whittire

City in Alaska, where all the residents of each other are neighbors

In such harsh conditions, a lot of financial costs goes to life availability. Some equipment, such as paired boilers, originally installed in 1962, recently had to replace with huge trips. The same applies to the pipeline system, which for decades has been hammered with mineral sediments and periodically proceeded.

The religious appearance of the Whittier is almost completely Christian, but confesses many denominations. Since only one chapel is, instead of spending their services at different times, everyone just gather and pray together.

Religious look of Whittira

If for some reason you are interested in moving or traveling to Whitteier, Begich tower information can be found here – Begichtowers.Com. And the site of the city itself can be found here – Whittieralaska.GOV

This is a town where everyone knows each other by name. Water is not covered with ice all year round, so if you like to ride a boat and fish, in the Whitteir you can devote time to this hobby.

Whitteier may seem boring, but there are many good reasons why he became such fascinating and tempting for Travel Bloggers and other media.

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