City Hall (City Hall)

City Hall (City Hall) – Majestic Building of New York City Hall. The building and the surrounding Park (City Hall Park) are geographically located in the area of ​​Nizhny Manhattan Civic Center. When the pastures of Dutch cows were located in these territories, and no one could think that the city would grow significantly. Therefore, it is not surprising that when building City Hall (1803-1812), the building was located in the south facade.

At the steps of City Hall, the mayor meets city honored guests, official press conferences occur. Typically, the routes of traditional parades with serpentine (Ticker-Tape Parade) coming from Battery Park. Tradition went from the distant 1886, when during a parade dedicated to the transfer of the city of Statue of Freedom, joyful employees began to throw out the telegraph tapes of the exchange news from the windows.

City Hall New York is the oldest in the US City Hall building, in the walls of which city management is carried out. Not surprisingly, numerous items representing historical and cultural value are collected. In the City Hall building, the museum is currently functioning.

City Hall (City Hall)

Immediately behind the city hall is located «Court building Twid» or «TVids court» (Tweed Courthouse).Twid entered the story as a corrupt and corrupt politician. It is believed that over 20 years of construction, William Tvid, with her whip, stole 2/3 of the amount spent on the courthouse. And the total estimate long-term increase increased 50 times and reached $ 13 million (comparable to the quarter of a billion dollars for 2010). The marble building of the tweed court is also one of the sights of City Hall Park.

If the workplace of the mayor of New York is City Hall, most urban officials settled next door. Stunning 40-storey Manhattan Municipal Building Sheltered 13 municipal agencies and more than 2,000 employees. On top «Municipal Building» Installed 8-meter sculpture Civic Fame («Civil Glory») However, first of all, the skyscraper is allocated with imperial style and architecture. Since its construction in 1915, Manhattan Municipal Building has become an explicit model for many buildings built in other US cities.

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