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The city of Zadar is a very rich history. At different times in it, Romans and the Romans, and Byzantines, and Osmans, and Venetians. Each period left the city something its own, the time of all the memory remains the various buildings. So a vivid example of the board of Venetians became the city gate of the task. They lead through the fortress wall inside the old city. Despite the fact that they were built in the middle of the 16th century, the architect connected the classic Roman style with Venetian, as a result of which they were very organically in the image of the city.

The gate looks like an arc with a height of about 20 meters, which is quite a classic Roman version. However, the gate is decorated in a typical Venetian manner, and they are depicted by the symbol of the power of Venice – a lion. The coat of arms of the task are knocked out from it.

Of particular interest is the inscription on the gate, which says to any incoming thing that he steps on the Earth of the capital of Dalmatia and that the city is a strong protected structure.

City Gate Charger Sightseeing Tasser Travel Guide

Inputs in the gate Three: Central in the form of a huge arch, and two side-seemingly small on the background of the main entrance. However, they are height as much as 3 meters.

The gate is a very spectacular attraction and you will certainly admire them, especially since you can get into the old city you can.

City Gate Charger Sightseeing Tasser Travel Guide

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