Czech Cities: Vrani-Nad-Die

20 km west of zombie lies the Village of the Vranov (Vranov-Nad-Diet, Vranov, Vranov Nad Dyji).

Her main decoration is a cliff with a rock with Castle (www.zamekvranov.CZ), built as a borderline citadel in the XII-XIV centuries, and then rebuilt Johan Bernard Fisher with Erlach after the fire of 1665 in the Palace Complex. In addition to the defensive structures themselves, a medieval sauna has been preserved here (an extremely rare sample of such a building for Europe, until the XVII century, the cavernous dome of the ancestors hall (Sal Predku) with frescoes of Johanna Mikhael Rottmayra, one of the leading artists of the Baroque era, I decid the many churches in Vienna and Salzburg, as well as a tiny palace chapel (its visit is not included in the castle tour and costs 30 CZK) with frescoes of Rottmeyr’s students.


Interestingly, the enemies is both a well-known aquatic resort – literally fifteen minutes walk to the north rises the dam (PREHRADA), forming Vrany reservoir. Her shores and covers the sandy beach (Vranovska Plaz), to which it is easy to get along the pedestrian bridge. From May to September, several campsites and specialized platforms for tents are opened here, chalets work, boat station, shops and several lines of pleasure boats. The beach itself is noticeably crowded in the height of the season, but it is easy to find a comfortable sunbathing place and on rocky shores above.

One of the most interesting routes for walking in the area goes along the lane marked with red transparencies from Vranova upstream of the diet, through the forest and hills to almost the Austrian border (about 6 km in total). From here you can stroll through "blue" trail along the river south (about 2 km) or by "Green" Track through the forest to the observation platform of Hardeggska Vyhlidka, from which you can consider the picturesque Austrian Border Village of Hardegg (Hardegg) with its own lock available through a small pedestrian bridge.

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