Czech Cities: Zhdyar-Nad Sasavoy

40 km north-east of Jihlava lies with Zdyar Nad Sazavou (Zdar Nad Sazavou) – the highest city of Vysochina.

His main landmark is Cistercian monastery, From the construction of which in 1252 and the settlement began. Now it is located 3 km north of the town itself (the easiest way to get by bus number 2), on the slope of the green mountain, surrounded by the forest and fish ponds. The complex is the work of the architect Giovanni Santini, who also erected the monasteries of Plactione and Kournalby near Pilsen.


The monastery itself is famous for the original combination of Baroque and Gothic, but its main decoration is still standing a little on the knocked out, on a wooded hill in the southern part of the complex, the pilgrimage church of St. Yana Nepomotsky on the green grief (Kostel Svat&# 233; ho jana nepomuck&# 233; HO). In 1994, this is the original structure in the form of a five-pointed star, built in the XVIII century, entered the UNESCO World Heritage List. Zigzag walls surround the old cemetery, and internal interiors decorated with frescoes from the lives of Saint, are considered one of the best samples of temple creativity in the Czech Republic. Also in the main complex, the Museum of the Book (Muzeum Knihy) is located, and in the former Women’s Monastery, along with the exhibition of old piano, there is an exhibition of Santini projects and other artistic samples in the Baroque style.

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