City Carmel and 17-mile road in California – Is it worth going? Part 2

17-mile road – Cypress shelter of the rich

Awesome not far from Karmela (or from Monterey, if you go on the other side) Any curious tourist can find another notorious attraction of California, the so-called 17-mile road (17-Mile Drive).

17-Mile Drive – This is a picturesque road (oh, and much such in the States), passing along the coast of the Pacific Ocean and uniting a number of interesting places: this is a hill of anything, not like everyone else, then a stone, then the famous tree.

It is noteworthy that this track intersects the closed community of Pebble Beach, so all strangers for travel on it are forced to pay 10 dollars. But there is an opportunity to admire not only natural beauty, but also also mansions of rich and famous golf courses. Keep in mind that everything around is completely and nearby private property, so walking and look for fences carefully, and then you never know what. So that the tourists did not hide the nose at all where they do not need, along the main road the red dotted line was drawn to follow.

It sounds all very and very curious, though? The main thing was, as it turned out, to get on this route to good weather.

Scheme of 17-mile road and attractions along it:

  1. Shepherd’s Knoll
  2. Huckleberry Hills
  4. The Inn & Links at Spanish Bay
  5. Spanish Bay
  6. The Restless Sea
  7. Point Joe
  8. China Rock
  9. Bird Rock Hunt Course
  10. City Carmel and 17-Milny Road in California - Is it worth going part 2
  11. Bird Rock
  12. SEAL Rock Picnic Area
  13. Spyglass Hill Golf Course
  14. Fanshell Overlook
  15. Cypress Point Lookout
  16. Crocker Grove
  17. The Lone Cypress
  18. The Ghost Tree
  19. Pescadero Point
  21. Peter Hay Par-3 Golf Course and 100th U.S. Open 2000 Pebble Beach Monument

Unfortunately, we were not lucky with the weather, it was overcast and uncomfortable, why everything around it looked completely sad and inellite. We were even surprised at no one time, which tourists in their reviews so praise this highway, and then, looking more closely to the photos, I realized that they were all here in clear sunny weather, when landscapes looked much more optimistic. In addition, it was in the evening, so we had to consider carefully we had little, because I was in a hurry to the side of Monterey in search of a place to sleep.

As you could have noticed, there are already twenty-dots in the scheme representing one or another interest. We managed to honor the attention only four of them.

Point Joe

In the brochure, which is given to all tourists at the entrance, it is written that in the Point Joe district in the time immemorial, vessels were often crashed, sailors for mistakes took a course on local rocks, believing that the entrance to Monterey Bay.

Bird Rock

Staying on the shore at the specified point and carefully watching the stone right at the rate, you can see the whole zoo on it – seals, sea cats and all sorts of different birds. If the sounds not allowed by them, no one would gues that Bird Rock represents some kind of interest.

Cypress Point Lookout

According to the description, one of the most dramatic and exciting types of the Pacific coast opens from this point. Well, I do not know, it seems, the compiler of the brochure was excited.

The Lone Cypress

«Lone cypress» – This is the symbol of the entire 17-mile road and the PEBBLE BEACH Company trading sign in particular. At one time, the company even made a statement that photographers do not have the right to use the image of this tree for commercial purposes, with which not all lawyers agree. We will not sell a photo just in case, if you suddenly want to buy it from us))

In addition to viewing the points listed in the brochure, all visitors of the 17th-mile road will become involuntary spectators of how local robes live. Then there, then there will be chic mansions on the way, which represent no less interest than rocks, cypresses and seals.

It will not be possible to not notice and bright green perfect golf courses. Unfortunately, in view of the late hour and bad weather, we have not seen a single player.

The local coastal trees were very funny, which because of the permanent winds from the ocean, took such a form that it seems that they are constantly tormented by a gusty wind, even when it is completely calm on the street.

All those who want to stay in the local places can stay at the hotel The Lodge At Pebble Beach in the territory of the same closed community, however, will not have a joke to upset.

We, leaving a 17-mile road, went towards Monterey, look for more budget housing.

Excellent and remembering you rest, dear readers!

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