City Carmel and 17-mile road in California – Is it worth going?

In the end of our long and rich travel on the states, after a whole string of national parks and large noisy cities, we were waiting for the Pacific road and cute miniature towns attached to the coast. We have already looked into the notorious Santa Barbara with its snow-white arches and tiled roofs, visited San Luis Obispo, and now the turn came to Karmel, the number of positive feedback on which on the Internet literally raises. We did not miss the so-called 17-mile road, quite nearby. Now about everything in order.

Carmel – Fairy Tale in the middle of California

As it turned out, Carmel or Carmel, the full name of which sounds like Carmel-BY-THE-SEA, Very and very popular among tourists. Why? Yes, because it has a special personality and even with superficial consideration is noticeably different from other cities.

We had indecent time on this town, so little that, it would seem, and write something nothing. However, I still mention this place, at least for none of our readers to slip by by ignorance.

Scheme of the city of Karmel:

As you can see, the carmel is very compact and all will not be much labor, of course, if you do not find yourself on his streets in the evening, as we, having plans to still take a ride at 17-Mile Drive.

Some individual iconic attractions, known for the whole world, in the city there are coming here, mainly to feel his atmosphere, and not try to find individual buildings, monuments or museums. «Fabulous, Magic, Toy» – Tourists with such epithets, describing this tiny American town.

Unusual houses

Arriving in Karmel, immediately pay attention to the unusual building, especially in the central part of the city. From all sides, you are looking at the most interesting buildings, reminiscent of the houses of the gnomes, not the housing of the hobbits.

Cozy streets

Ocean Avenue is considered the main street, along which restaurants, shops and numerous galleries are located. By the way, some streets have no names, and at home and at all are not numbered at all. Well, what can you say, an unusual city – he is unusual.

Cafes and restaurants

City Carmel and 17-mile road in California - Is it worth going

All sorts of restaurants, coffee shops and cafes in the city center literally at every step and they look like one other friendly. It seems that Carmel was the only city where we did not get McDak or some burger king. Judging by the reviews, they are not at all, like other fast food. Yes, and right, why spoil all the magic such eaters.


Souvenir fans will definitely not be left with empty hands. Shops with appetizing shop windows in Carmel more than enough. While walked, you saw a lot of shops offering to buy paintings – An excellent gift for a loved one or souvenir is a loved one, though, and with Andrews, we prefer to take away from the trips only made by your own photos (here would have ever got his hands before printing and hanging on the wall).

Among other things, in the carmele, full of art galleries and theaters. Ah, yes, also to the ocean hand to file. In general, from all sides a nice city in which people live in chinno and tastefully.

Carmel became the first place in the states for all our long journey, where we were even somewhat inconvenient to raise the streets in the streets of sneakers and fucking jeans. Felt a cindering, whose rags never turned on the arrival at the ball in a gorgeous dress))

Is it worth spending time to look into the carmel? I think yes. Why? To see a cozy stylish town with a lot of fabulous stakes and some magic.

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