Calyazin city: what? Where? When?

Calyazin city – Tver Atlantis. Kalyazin symbol – Bell Tower of the Nikolsky Cathedral (1800 g.), which rises above the stroke of the Uglich reservoir on the Volga formed in 1936-40 and as a result of which the historical part of the city was flooded. And today you can see urban streets running directly into the water. There is no longer anything like this in the Tver region.

In essence, the old city has long been not. And at first glance it may seem that there is nothing to look in Kalyazin. But this is only at first glance. The fact is that the original tourist infrasture is actively formed in Kalyazin. And 2018 was no exception.

On the contrary, July 19 in the yacht club «Kalyazin», which has been successfully operating since 2008, the opening of a farm of growing grape snail took place. Now not only the members of the yacht club, but also everyone can get acquainted with the process of growing mollusks and try a variety of dishes prepared from this exotic product. On the square of 1200 kV.M. Located closed enclosures and a tasting room.

The next event was the opening of the local tour operator of the tour operator «Pilgrim») Museum «Volgari», which took place on August 29, 2018 on Pier Kalyazin. Its exposures reveal the topic of influence on the fate of a small provincial Kalyazin and its inhabitants of the Great our River Volga. In the halls of the museum you can familiarize yourself with the development of shipping, spread crafts on the Volga and the history of artificial «Moreley» – reservoir. The museum entered tourist routes for cruise and tourist groups, in particular, is a mandatory point of the program «City under water».

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And September 9, 2018, an unusual festival with a bright gastronomic component will take place in Kalyazin – «Hiking kitchen» (Contact information: 8 48249 2 06 92). Chief Organizer Festival – Administration of the Kalyazinsky District. The festival itself is timed to the heroic events of the early 17th century, when the troops of the famous our commander M.V. Skopina – Shuisky on Kalyazin on the Konstantinov field broke the troops of Polish-Lithuanian interventory.

In 2018, all tourist events in Kalyazin are held with the support of the Tver Region Tourism Ministry.

Today Kalyazin – Real tourist city, having his belt Baba, pottery workshop, bike club and even own «Flying plate». But most importantly, he has its own tourists. Only last year more than 150,000 thousand visited the tourist goals of Kalyazin. human. This year, according to the forecasts of the head of travel agencies «Pilgrim» Elena Mikhasik, the tour bill will not decrease.

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